A Chapter by Isemay

Syr woke to cursing in the hall and Kaduil muttering under his breath, his face still pressed to the center of her chest.

“I think they’re wondering where I am.”

“Father?” Kyrilla pushed open the door and blinked at them.

“She wasn’t supposed to go wandering, I’ll have that Rook’s head on a-”

“I didn’t go far, Orefinder, and I’ve stayed with my hosts as I was told.” Syr called into the hall. 

Oduil, Orefinder, and Sirruil all came to stick their heads in the door incredulously.

“Why didn’t Sirruil just put the circlet on and look for me?”

“I can do that?” The dwarf pulled it out of his pocket and ran his fingers over the gem.

“You can all get out of my bedroom.” Kaduil sighed and reluctantly pulled away. 

“Why is Rook in your bed?” Orefinder narrowed his eyes as he looked at them. 

“Rook and I had a long discussion and I needed the company.”

“I’m fully dressed, Orefinder, I may have imprints of some of my tools in places but…”

“Why are you wearing your tools?” He gave her a hard look.

Kaduil started to laugh, “She isn’t dressed without them. Even my Syr kept a little pouch tucked away under her dress when she was home.”

“You’re naked without your tools.” She shuddered and Kaduil laughed harder.

“I told her…” He wiped his eyes and took a breath with a smile, “I told her, her tools were her beard. If you saw her you could bet she had tools on her somewhere or within reach if she was naked. It took a lot of ‘skillful dwarvish hammering’ as she used to call it to persuade her she didn’t need the boot knife in reach at night, she had me.”

“Father!” Kyrilla blushed and glanced at Orefinder.

“That brings back memories… We heard about a man once who supposedly kept a few small things tucked under his skin and we thought it was a magnificent idea. But when we tried it, our leg swole up,” Syr gestured with her hands the size of a good ham, a little more generously than it really had been, “We thought our ears were bleeding by the time the old man had finished his fussing.”

“You’re lying.” Orefinder snorted. “No one would be that-” 

He stopped as she stood and dropped her pants, Kaduil broke into peals of laughter as did Sirruil. The scar was still there, barely, a few faint white lines on her thigh that served as a reminder of the supremely foolish idea.

“We’re half elf, Orefinder. We get occasional bouts of spectacular stupidity.”

He started to laugh and stumbled out of the room as she pulled her pants back up. Hammersworn’s children were all grinning at her, except for Kyrilla who looked both amused and exasperated. 

“Bhirren is coming for breakfast, Kyri. I forgot to mention it last night.”

“I should have enough, Father, I’ll set an extra place.”

Kaduil made a shooing gesture and they were left alone in the room shortly. “Thank you, Syreilla.”

“We’re friends, Kaduil. Not the way we used to be, but friends all the same.”

“You’re family, Syreilla.” He gave her a sad smile, “The same as if my Syr’d had a sister. I’ll get dressed and meet you for breakfast.”

“I’ll see you at the table.” She gave him a warm smile and headed down, nearly running into Orefinder at the foot of the stairs.

“Be careful you don’t confuse him, Rook.”

“He isn’t confused. We had a talk and he needed to be close to her. She wouldn’t let me sleep last night until he was home in his bed.”

Orefinder gave her a flat look. “Ignore her.”

“Imagine having me inside of you, where you couldn’t get away and where I could relentlessly-”

He held up his hand, “You could have-”

“You don’t ignore Syreilla Hammersworn, Orefinder. She’ll make your ears ring. If I couldn’t win an argument with her on the matter no one could. Hammersworn may be missing a few memories but she’s lost none of her fire.”

The dwarf snorted. “Remind her you’re not supposed to be causing trouble.”

“Will we be going inside the treasure rooms today?” Sirruil interrupted from the far doorway.

“We will if Orefinder is still up for it.”

“We’ll do a walk around in the first few rooms and have a look at your mother’s suggestions.” He glanced back at her, “I may set them to work on securing the air vents and a few ways into the mine.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Syr gave him an impish smile, “And if you can find the time to show me that ward you laid, Orefinder, I’ll show you a few I know to help secure the mine.”

“I’ll make the time.” He returned her smile and pointed toward the dining room, “After you, Rook.”

© 2021 Isemay

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Added on February 2, 2021
Last Updated on February 2, 2021
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