A Chapter by Isemay

The Arek Prince watched the spectacle with amusement. Hunting with the Cuphisian and Cemiri Princes was supposed to bind them in friendship and maintain the thirty year peace, but what it seemed to be doing was showing him how very easy it would be to kill them both and claim their kingdoms. The two bickering princes were hardly silent for a moment, that the servants had managed to drive a pair of boars toward their racket had been a testament to their determination.

And now, the two princes struggled and failed to kill their boars. The blond Cuphisian had managed to wound his, but he was shrieking as the bleeding animal attacked him in earnest. The brown-haired Cemiri was barely fending his off with the spear. Their servants stepped in after giving them a moment and dispatched the beasts.

The sound of the undergrowth rustling as something was driven toward him made him focus on his nearer surroundings again, drawing his hunting dagger. Volas held the weapon at the ready as a boar the size of Myrin’s and Gaeleath’s burst into the cleared area. He had to get closer with the dagger than they did with their spears, but his kill was cleaner and quicker. The sour looks on their faces only fed his pride.

Their boars were taken to be dressed, something he would have done himself at home and they washed to take refreshments before going back to camp. 

“That was well done, Volas.” Myrin inclined his head. “Impressive.”

Inclining his head in return to the Prince of Cuphisia, he accepted the compliment.

“You’re so quiet it probably didn’t even realize you were there until you killed it.” Myrin tried to goad him into a response.

“You’re supposed to be quiet when you hunt, Myrin.” Gaeleath muttered. “I may not have learned much of hunting from Father but that, even I know.”

“I expected you to be better.” Volas eyed the Cemiri with amusement. “But at least you didn’t scream.”

“Father would disown me for that.” Gaeleath offered him a wry smile while the Cuphisian Prince seethed.

“Tomorrow will be more entertaining. We’ll ride to the Low by the Vimt and hunt hare with the hounds.” Myrin was choosing to ignore them.

“Hare,” Volas snorted. Game for children, and having seen how the Cuphisian hounds ran, there was nothing to do but stand and watch.

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Added on February 26, 2021
Last Updated on February 26, 2021
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