A Chapter by Isemay

Marravae slipped away from the chittering group at the first opportunity. Dresses, Lords, and gossip were all they spoke of. She was aware that these topics had their value, especially at Court, but intrigue and endless chatter were more her brother’s forte. He would probably love to switch places with her. Hunting with their father was her favorite pastime not his.

They were going to be taking the hounds out in the afternoon so that they could get an early start on the hare coursing in the morning. Marravae returned to her rooms and had her maid pack a bag for the night away. Her father had said she couldn’t hunt with the Princes, but hare coursing was hardly hunting. The few other things she would need were brought with her on an extra horse as the servants walked the dogs out to the camp.

As her own things were stowed, and her cot was erected in her brother’s tent, she listened to the servants talking about the hunt. Myrin had screamed like a frightened child, her brother had failed to kill or even wound his boar, but the Arek, Volas, had dispatched his with a hunting dagger. The servants sounded impressed by the man.

She looked over the boars as they were being dressed, all three were respectably sized. A little larger than the boars she’d hunted with her father. 

The sound of bickering between her brother and Myrin could be heard before the Princes were seen. “Of course the Cemiri horses are worth more, they’re smarter and more versatile than the Cuphisian animals you want to trade.”

Myrin scoffed, “How smart does a horse need to be? As for versatile a horse is a horse, and ours are faster and larger.”

Marravae approached their horses as they neared the place they were to dismount. Only the black-haired Arek noticed her and he looked startled when she gave him the slow deliberate blink the Arek horsemaster had always given her before he teased her.

“You know absolutely nothing about horses, Myrin.” Gaeleath was agitated and she decided to interrupt.

“Ravus swore up and down that Arek horses were the most valuable. He might know more than you, brother dearest.”

“Marravae!” Gaeleath leapt from the horse and tossed the reins to the waiting servant. “I thought Father forbade you from coming with us.”

“Only from hunting, tomorrow all you’ll be doing is hare coursing.” She gave a grin as he embraced her and kissed her cheeks. “You act like you missed me!”

“I’m certain my sister misses you terribly.” Myrin sounded annoyed, “Hunting is meant to be a man’s sport.”

I’m certain your sister hasn’t noticed I’m gone, your Highness. I left my ladies in waiting to endure her endless chatter.” With a teasing look to the Arek who hadn’t yet dismounted she added, “Don’t be afraid to dismount. Unlike Princess Myrae, I actually pause to breathe.”

Myrin gave her an icy smile, “It was lovely that you came to brighten our day, but-“

“Why would your father forbid you from coming with us?” The Arek interrupted.

“They hunt together, I prefer to stay home for more bookish pursuits.” Gaeleath offered apologetically, “I have no doubt she’d have handled the boar better, but because our father isn’t here with her she’s not to hunt.”

“These boars are a little larger than the ones I’ve hunted with Father, I’m envious.” She laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You should have known if I can’t hunt I’d at least come out for the fresh air and food.”

“I should have. Foolishly, I thought you’d be behaving yourself.” Gaeleath shook his head with a smile. 

“You hunt?” The Arek had dismounted and was approaching as if she were game he didn’t want to frighten.

“I hunt, your Highness. I heard you killed yours with a hunting dagger? I’d have liked to see that. Father won’t let anyone show me how it’s done for fear I’ll try it myself.” Marravae offered him her hand and he drew the dagger, offering it to her hilt first.

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Added on February 26, 2021
Last Updated on February 26, 2021
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