Vision, October 1999

Vision, October 1999

A Poem by Ishan Sadwelkar

A dream from childhood.


Vision, October 1999


In the cornered streets of one’s mind

One finds the distorted remains

Of what once used to be mindful


Ravens wait at the carcasses of goats

And rats scamper into routine hiding places

days shift seasons

Into a fading oblivion


Matchsticks scratch and then flicker

Fade out into a vibrating flame


Poets tackle their own footsteps,

Jump over small puddles, the color

Of fresh blood on ignored tar


But I think you’ve forgotten to notice

The lovely ribbons of lights, discarded from heaven

Turning crimson on contact with concrete


And the careful journey of black clouds

Against their own white outline

Maybe hiding a decayed sun


At such times one must become a zombie

To walk excuseless

In the streets of one’s mind


Who knows

One may find many lost reasons

Of what once used to be


The surreal aim of life’s dream




© 2012 Ishan Sadwelkar

Author's Note

Ishan Sadwelkar
Use of simple words is on purpose.

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This is an interesting little exploration of perspective through memory. The dark side and the light side. The significant possiblities that may lie discarded in either. Sometimes it may explain who we really are, though we may well have lost sight of it somewhere along the paths we often inexplicably seem to take. Perhaps it indicates that life is far from a journey of chosen and accidental routes, and that fate (depending on what you call fate) is insidiously taking charge and controlling the illogical signposts.

"The surreal aim of life’s dream."

...A profound examination of the dark inscrutability of the mind.. and life.

PS. "Of what once used to mindful" >>> shouldn't that read "..we used to BE mindful.." ??

Posted 12 Years Ago

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you always impress me.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Another A+ in my book. They say that envy is one of the seven deadly sins, but you my friend, and your poetry I do find myself evying from time to time. You have avery natural was of writing, of swallowing someone into the entirety of your poetry. Very well written, nice job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This is amazing

Posted 11 Years Ago

"Who knows
One may find many lost reasons
Of what once used to be

The surreal aim of life’s dream"

That is my favorite part, I don't know why exactly. But your descriptions are so great.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is brilliantly done, a great piece..the theme has been executed brilliantly here.
Loved it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

great imaginary and use of words :) Sometimes simple is better than smart :P good job Thanks for sharing your vision :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

nice metaphors and vivid images

Posted 12 Years Ago

The total feeling of losing ones self by letting their dreams leave them. I've read a lot of poetry like this lately. It is a hard to face yourself when you let something that you held on to for so long go. Good write

Posted 12 Years Ago

fantastic. i love the simplicity with which this was written, yet the outstanding meaning and haunting that comes with every word.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow this is wonderful! Great job!! always coming out with amazing writes :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

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