Estates and Kittens

Estates and Kittens

A Story by Isidora

A man muses about his current state of affairs...


"There is NO matter of the heart that a little hard work won't take care of..."

The man paused in his work, his dark hair turned midnight with the sweat that matted it to his head, and looked around at what he'd accomplished.

Stacks of split wood surrounded him, and even though the workers carried them off arm loads at a time, the stacks kept building. He snatched a piece of cloth from his pocket and wiped it over his face, thankful that he'd shed that stuffy flannel shirt hours ago. It'd been a couple of centuries, but he still wasn't entirely sure that vampires couldn't suffer from heatstroke.

Looking around once more, Lucian slammed the sharp edge of the ax into a stump and picked up his shirt as he walked, heading to The Cabin. Her face, dark with depression and worry, flashed in front of his eyes and made him pause, just as it had for hours. So much for telling a little bit of truth, Doctor...

He shook his head and continued walking, determined to ignore his guilt. It wasn't her fault, though, that everything that had happened in the last year had, in fact, occurred. It wasn't her fault that the man who'd raised him as his own son, who'd taught him everything about running the estate that was Lucian's birthright, was a violent coward.

The man thought he was protecting his 'son' by trying to kill Lucian's child and the woman he loved; Doctor Martin had never been the most mentally stable individual, but this...this outdid everything he'd ever done or said.

Lucian quietly walked toward The Cabin's back door, welcoming the usual assault of pouncing kittens. He carefully sat on the bank of grass near the door and scooped several of the fuzzy, wiggling assailants into his arms. They mewed and purred happily, each acting more like puppies as they fought for his attention.

Edwin will love playing with them... He stared out at the forest, absently petting his furry friends as a plan formed in his mind. Maybe they wouldn't have to leave the estate to get away from the Doctor's unwanted 'help'...maybe there was another way...

© 2008 Isidora

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Aww, I remember this. Though I never did figure out what his little plan was that involved chopping wood. And I would love to have small kittens assault me every day. x3

It's an oldie but a goodie. ;D

Posted 15 Years Ago

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good, but character-developing... NICE!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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