my little island boy

my little island boy

A Poem by Island Hippy

thunderous explorations
greet my ears
i hunker down
five minutes more
but he’s tugging at the covers
pulling his little body up
landing with a thud on my belly
his onesie footie pyjamas
abandoned somewhere
i still don’t know how
he manages to get them off.
he’s warm - always warm
stretching across my chest
i can feel the thud of his heart
on my skin, he’s happy
his fingers are long
he gets that from me you know.
then he’s touching my face
i try not to giggle
close my eyes instead
his touch is clumsy
he’s checking I’m all there
a smacking kiss to the lips
fingers yanking at my eye lids
then one up my nose
i can’t keep up the facade
rumbling laughter bursting
he finally wiggles away
from my kiss attack.
i am far from refined
a booger finger doesn’t scare me
that ship sailed a gazillion diapers ago
now, i just sigh when he eats dog treats
or slurps water from the cat bowl
i love everything about
my little island boy.

© 2019 Island Hippy

Author's Note

Island Hippy

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Damn. This is honestly a really wholesome work. Love for the kids. They're dumb. They're weird. But dang...honest work. I like this one a lot.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Had to come back and message you.. say hello and send a few gentle hugs for you and - cuddles and the like for the littlies. Wishing you light in your mind and heart, dear friend. Always. Hugs and thank you for sharing such a beautiful chain of pictures in your delightful poem.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Oh my ohana, how precious your poem is! I’m sorry that I’m so late reading it. I’ve been so busy traveling again. We’re in Florida now. Your loving words bring me Kalani’s little face and wiggling baby body so clearly. A mother’s love- of everything even “booger fingers”- YES and God Bless!! The lines move and play just like he does. Wake up Mommy!- and you just know you have to or else. I feel his ‘sloppy kisses’ and send mine to both of you always and forever. Xoxo

Posted 1 Year Ago

This poem is a gift to someone like me -- not into kids, never had kids, don't regret that I didn't. This kind of palpable detailed sharing conveys how it feels to be a parent & you make it feel very rewarding & irresistible & fun. Your details are popping with affection & adoration! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago

'.. he’s checking I’m all there - a smacking kiss to the lips - fingers yanking at my eye lids - then one up my nose - i can’t keep up the facade - rumbling laughter bursting .. '

Many and more mahalo, Izzy. x

You know, can't help feeling he's been inspired to do that from somewhere.. has a touch of cheeky loving abandon!! You've described the scene so wonderfully and touchingly, dear Izzy.' I could see that series of inquisitive mini adventures.. wee sprout of mother hen! Beautiful. Might have missed it except that I've missed you.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Hello Izzy, long time no see. Hope all is OK. I love this poem about your little island boy. He sounds truly adorable. All those wet kisses snacking you. How lucky you are to have his adoration. All good wishes to you.


Posted 1 Year Ago

what a fun write...i bet he is a handful, but a fun handful...

slurping water from the cat bowl....
maybe i should put my kitten in diapers.
thanks for the smile with this one, needed it with all that is happening lately in the world...

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Island Hippy
Island Hippy

Maui, Hawai’i

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