Out Of Reach

Out Of Reach

A Poem by It'sLexiB47

Darkness clouds around me
As I watch you fade to dust
The smile that I wore
Slowly starts to rust


It's the saddest sight for me
To watch you turn away
And it breaks my heart to know
Today you cannot stay


And tomorrow brings regret
Remorse and depression

You're now so out of reach
My one prized possession


Please come back to me

For I cannot live without
The one who makes me smile
When my heart is clouded with doubt


Your eyes take all the pain away
Just by how you stare
I long to see another day
When you choose to leave from there


When you finally come back to me
This thing in my chest, it knows
And no longer am I hurt
And my happiness, it shows


The time I spend with you
I wish was never ending
Where we could be together
Past the sun's final setting


But soon again you'll leave
And I'll watch you fade away
My heart begins to break
But for you I will wait


And through all the days
Of saddness and remorse
The only thing I long for
Is to hear your loving voice

© 2011 It'sLexiB47

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Added on March 14, 2011
Last Updated on March 14, 2011




My name is Alexis =] I'm almost 17 and I've quit racing. Now I live in Alabama and I work at a hair salon as a color technician more..