Lock and Dam

Lock and Dam

A Poem by Chelle

A poem I wrote about an amazing experience I had hanging out with my fellow seniors in high school for one of the last times.

That thrill
That adrenaline rush
As we travel and speed
Down the vacant roadway
With Jake at the wheel
Shifting gears like it's second nature
And then dipshit Danna
Decides to take over
That intensity
That fearful expectancy
Of death at the shoulder
When the first thing she says
As she slides into the driver's seat:
"I don't know where the first gear is."
That relief
That grateful sigh
As we reach our destination
Without a scratch
That worry
That tense grimace
While Danna takes a detour
To do "donuts" in an empty parking lot
Lali lies in the backseat giggling away
At our worrisome behavior
At our shouts and curses
While we lean to the side to prevent the car
From tilting
That luck
That sheer dumb luck
That we manage to step out of the car
In one piece
And enjoy our time together
As friends
Down by the dam
That nostalgia
That pure reminiscence
Lingers as we race toward an empty playground
Swinging on the metal bars
Losing ourselves to the slides
Climbing to the top
Reliving the dream
That laughter
That escapes from our mouths
As we later settle in our congregation
In a booth
"Virgin Margaritas on me!"
I declare as they rejoice
Grateful expression but memorable conversation
An experience to live and almost die for
As we sip on our salty shakes
And down our non-alcoholic drinks
Living the life
I relish the moments
Because this is how it feels
To be alive

© 2013 Chelle

Author's Note

This is more of a personal poem but feel free to review~

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Added on May 15, 2013
Last Updated on May 15, 2013
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