A Poem by Chelle

Frustration from observation of certain "individuals" who surround me

It all starts with a look
With your eyes gleaming
Upon all the beautiful people
On the screen
The girls with their beauty
The boys with their charm
No need to worry
They cause you no harm
So you continue to stare
And watch their every move
Observe the clothes they wear
Fit in to their groove
First, it seems like a phase
But then it escalates
Until you continue to make yourself
More and more of a fake
You try to hard
To be them
But in the process
You deny yourself
You believe in this mentality
That if you wear their clothes,
their hair,
their expressions,
or even their language,
that in time, you will be just like them.
But you never will.
It's not in your nature
It's not in your blood
You will never be them
At least not naturally
Yet you keep trying and trying
To a point where it's pitiful
To even watch.
And you continue to believe
Their world is full of amazement and wonder
But you fail to realize
What can really lie behind
And through all this time
I've never seen someone become
So fake
Such a poser
Until the media rotted away
What was left of your originality.

© 2013 Chelle

Author's Note

This is mostly a rant but feel free to give feedback.

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Added on October 30, 2013
Last Updated on October 30, 2013




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