Broken Light

Broken Light

A Poem by Cosmic

A heart to heart, a friend to friend. This is a honest conversation to one friend to another

People say the mind is beautiful
People say it's amazing how the mind thinks

But my mind is full of splinters
My mind is rotten

My mind whispers to me
All the wrong things

My mind screams
All the wrong things

People say the eyes are beautiful
people say it's amazing how the eyes

But my eyes are fogged
my eyes are blind

My eyes try to see
But it sees all the wrong things

My eyes try to read
But it reads all the wrong things

People says the heart is beautiful
People say it's amazing how the heart fees

But my hear brings pain in my chest
My heart is always weeping

My heart tries to be strong
But it is weak

My heart tries to be brave
but it is weak

People say I am beautiful
People say how amazing I am

But my mind is full of splinters, it is rotten
But my eyes are fogged, they are blind

But my heart aches, and it always weeps
But this is okay, although you may ask why

I am broken, this is okay
And you are broken too, this is okay

We are broken now
Its not okay now, but it will be

Our head is full of screeching cries
Our eyes can not see the colors
And our hearts bleed for help

The light is dim
But only as long as you say it will be so

But I know what you will say
You will say "no, okay, its not!"

And that's okay
that's okay

I know you will not shine your light
So I will be behind you

Shining my broken light

© 2021 Cosmic

Author's Note

this is my first poem, so sorry if it sucks.

also the photo for the poem, I do not own it. Credit goes to creator for the picture.

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Added on January 14, 2021
Last Updated on January 14, 2021
Tags: poem, broken, light, okay, heart, eyes, mind, thoughtful, sad, honest




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