The cave

The cave

A Poem by J.A.Bentley

Where is love?

It is said that love dwells in the heart of man
that only a lady truly fitting
can seize the light within, 
caressing with her hair his face in wind
and finding his heart beneath the shifting sands
she is the clear gaze in his stormy gale
the whispers that cuts across all the noise
to where the silence only goes to greet and say goodbye
all in the same breath;
A lighter kiss has not been felt
than the passing of her shadow
the fine silver of her gaze 
has told me of future love 
If I were to hide my heart and the love within
across the desert and mines deep
wrapped in gauze and locked inside 
my pyramid scheme to keep you out
Then you were the winds of change
that lured me, and pursued me
across the ocean, 
always the wind in my sails
and I thought I was running away
you were still there, 
your spirit holding my heart still

Love's desperate current still swirls
and eddies in the pools of your eyes
a rapid then calm upon the stormy lake
you have poke your finger
through my mirror
of which I thought was perfectly reflective
thinking about myself that I was who 
I made myself out to be.
Your finger searching closer, ever so closer
to my heart, to my center
Fearful trepidation! 
Why all this fear, as it sets in like mortar
I freeze upon all that I know is wrong with me
and as a carcass cannot let go 
with my past.
You offered me your future
an offering that could even appease
Hades' rage and Poseidon's storm
I, withered with darkened brow
battered and tired from own self-inflictions
Presented myself as the best I could offer,
a measly crumb.
And said, are you sure?
You still said yes.

Here I write my thanks to you
oh lovely one,
I cannot help but notice that I have 
started to change
to see myself as a man that can be
and should be loved 
Restored into his rightful post
that prior he vacated placantly 
I can only thank your persistance
your lack of tact
all your stormy emotions
for you truly are the ocean 
in my world, 
you fill me and without you all life inside
would vanish.

© 2015 J.A.Bentley

Author's Note

Please let me know if you think any particular line here just ruins the imagery, would love constructive feedback on this! If this could be better let me know your suggestions.

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Added on February 25, 2015
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Sioux Falls, SD

There are things, places, events that mark my life and give me inspiration to write down poetry. Usually these instances last only a day or two after the inspiration, so if I can't be found I could ju.. more..