The Awakening

The Awakening

A Chapter by AmySkye

She lay motionless on the floor of the cathedral, looking up at the marbled ceiling. Pain shot up her bloody right arm and spine, but she could not move. A dark figure leaned over her and placed a bloody sword across her throat.
    “Now Jayda Peace, you see you cannot defeat me, you’re my creation; I know your flaws, and weaknesses.” Said the figure in a voice that was as terrifying as anything you could imagine, “Now do you have any last words?”, Jayda moved her neck to see the alter at the front of the cathedral and the giant cross that lay bloodstained and broken behind it.
    “Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none” was all she said, then turned her head to see the figure once more. The sword now moved gently from one side of her throat to the other.
    “Quoting the bible? I thought I taught you better-” the figure said before the cathedral doors swung open letting in a beam of light, a tall broad figure stood at the entry. The figure above Jayda seemed to be in shock as the light showed every inch of the blood-splattered floor and walls. The sword on her neck jolted upward and away from her face. Jayda did not move as the figure left her line of sight and bolted toward the entrance. Blood splattered her cheek as she lay on the cold floor. All she could hear was the clash of swords and all she could see was the shadows of the moving figures beside her. She was losing blood and her vision began to blur as the noise came to a halt. A shadow of a man came into her vision,
    “Jayda?” was all she heard before the darkness of death rolled over her and consumed her.
3 months earlier
    The sound of a loud thud broke his train of thought as Stryker crumpled up and tossed out his drawing he had been working on all morning. He pulled himself out of bed and walked to the door of his bedroom as he heard the thud once more. Opening the door, a cold gust of wind blew past, he shivered and grabbed his coat off the top of his dresser and headed out into the hall closing the door behind him. He made his way to the training room where he heard, yet again, the thud, but here it was louder. The door to the training room was slightly open and he peered inside to see his sister, Jayda, punching and kicking away at the body bag. He opened the door and stepped inside.
    “Jayda” he said to his younger sister in a soft voice. She turned to him, while breathing heavily, and pulled her armed up to wipe the sweat off her face,
    “Hey Strike,” she said taking in heavy breaths, “what’s up?”, her fist and ankles were red with blood and bruises and her shirt collar was covered in sweat.  
    “I could ask you that”, Stryker said walking over to grab a towel off the bench and hand to Jayda, “what are you doing? Its not even ten o’clock and your already training your butt off in here” he said gently handing her the towel.
    “Well there’s never a better time to train then when your well rested”, she wiped what was left of the sweat from her forehead on the towel and looked down at her bloody fist, “Damn” she said, “I broke skin already?”
    “You need to chill out Jay,” Stryker said putting his hand on her shoulder, “you train harder than I do. It’s not like there is an urgent call about an elemental demon going around.”
    “Well you never know Strike”, she said pulling away from his touch, “is mom up? I’m starved. Besides I could use a brake” she said throwing the towel into the bin by the door. She slipped on some slippers that where by the mat and opened the door. Turning back to her brother she said, “Well, are you coming?” he paused before following her down the hall.
    The hall was scented with lavender candles, a familiar smell to Jayda. A draft of cold air swept the floor making her shiver. They had reached the kitchen when they heard a loud scream come from beyond the door. Stryker gave Jayda a quick glance before approaching the door. He nodded his head giving her the ‘when I open the door you run in’ sign, she nodded back. Slowly he turned the handle, and yanked the door open. Jayda jumped in the doorway, and stood still. Stryker popped his head around the door and peered inside.
    Before Jayda, stood a demon with a face of a bird and a body of a large man, talons as long as swords and eyes as red as fire, Raum Demon. Jayda looked over to see her mother crouched on the floor under the dining table fighting off the demon with a broom. Stryker stepped beside his sister and called out to his mother. The demon immediately reacted and turned to see the two siblings standing in the doorway. Jayda made a beeline for the drawer where they kept the knifes, but she wasn’t fast enough. The demon lashed out at her and struck her in the arm, leaving a gashing wound on her forearm. Blood ran down on the floor, but she managed to reach the drawer and pull out a knife. As she turned she saw her mother in her brother’s arms heading for the door. The demon slashed at her again, but this time she dodged it and pierced him in the chest. With a screech the demon through an arm down and slammed Jayda into the ground. She quickly turned on her back, and saw the demon standing over her. It looked down to her and placed its hands on her shoulders, crushing her into the hard granite floor. A slight shimmer of metal crossed her eyes as she saw the knife she had stabbed it with. A sticky acid fell on her check from the demons open mouth and began to sting. She attempted to reach for the knife, but was just inches short, she through her leg up to kick the beast, it hardly budged, so she through her leg up again and again. The beast released grip on one of her shoulders and she grabbed at the knife, yanking it free she gabbed it again and again into his heart, then to finish the job she sliced the knife across his throat.

© 2011 AmySkye

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Wonderful story of fight against demons with members of a human family.
You can easily fix some spelling errors.
They are here:
1. demon through an arm down and slammed Jayda into the ground.- through->threw
2. she through her leg up to kick - through->threw
3. she through her leg up again and again.- through->threw

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, this is a great start to a story :) you are quite the writer :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

@skigirl really soon :) later today thanks for the complement

Posted 11 Years Ago

WOW!!! I really like this. And the title caught my attention! When is the next part coming out?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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My name is Amy Wagner but my pen-name is Amy Skye. Writing is my passion. I hope you like my novels in progress. more..

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A Chapter by AmySkye

Jayda Peace Jayda Peace

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