A Place That Cant Be Seen

A Place That Cant Be Seen

A Story by Jermar Makins

A Place That Can't Be Seen

Tell me. What is it like to live in your shoes?

Is it fun, adventurous, maybe a little hard but, pays off at the end?

No… Not hard, your life is not hard, it is free. Free to do and go wherever you please.

My life, on the other hand, if you would call it a life, is hard...very..very hard.

What is it like to dream? To sleep and wake up the next day renewed.

I wonder. I wonder every time you lay on that velvet cocoon of blankets and pillows.

Every time the light that shines on everything, goes dark and mysteriously I found you here.

In front of me. Sleeping.

I watch you with envy, do you know that?

I envy you. I long to be you. I have always wanted to be you, you do know that right? Do you?!

Or is it that you just don’t care!

Are you just so stuck up in your life that you don't have the time to say hello? Stuck up in the life that was supposed to be mine. I hate you.

I hate you, do you know that? But I can't stay mad at you, can I? What's the point? For you are my friend, my only friend. Your were my friend even when your body was small as the pillows around you ,even when your body was too small to stand you were my friend.

We even used to speak to each other.

Well I guess I was doing most of the speaking. Even though you might not have even understood me at the time. You still listened.

You listened until finally you could speak. We spoke for long periods of time, you and I. We used

to speak from dawn to dusk, you telling me about the outside world and how your world worked.

I loved to listen to your stories.

I guess it was my turn to listen but I didn’t mind. The others did.

The others hated and feared us talking, do you remember? They feared what they could not see,

they feared what they could not hear. They would ask you who you were speaking to and you would point to me. I tried to speak to them but when I looked into their eyes, all I saw was worry and sorrow. And a little bit of something else. I didn’t like that look.

Not one bit.

I knew they worried deeply for you, I never knew why though. Did they think you were different because you was able to see me? Even till this day I wonder. But you still spoke to me as I spoke to you, even when they watched you from afar...you didn’t mind. One day they took you away from me. I could not find you. I worried.

I hoped that you were out in the outside world doing your regular routine of a person your age but days passed. And you still never returned.

Where were you?Do you remember?

I waited for you for so long that I lost track of time. Until finally I heard your voice. It wasn't a gentle call. It was a bloodcurdling cry.

I followed the cry, and in a moment I was by your side.

I expected to find the same ball of joyful energy  but...you changed. Instead of a warm-hearted child that I knew, I found an empty shadow of your former self.

You rested on the bed unmoving as if you were neither alive nor dead. What happened to the colorful clothes that always stuck to your body? What happened to the nicely combed hair that was always kept in good condition?

Your face and body were fuller now, adult-like almost.But you wore a damp white gown and your hair was matted.  I did not understand what was going on.

This angel of a person being kept imprisoned locked behind a door for god knows how long why?


I tried to speak to you but you gave me no response it was as if I wasn't there. As if I didn't exist.

Time went on and you were released back into the world as if nothing ever happened.

You no longer acknowledged me but I still followed you, hoping for the day you notice me.

Even as I speak I am still with you, waiting.

Even if you never notice me I will still be here as you once were for me. In the place that can’t be seen forever…..your friend.  



© 2017 Jermar Makins

Author's Note

Jermar Makins
Writing this I decided to let the reader decide whats going on feel free to write your take on this.

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Makes you really think deep... Great work

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on February 9, 2017
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Jermar Makins
Jermar Makins

camden, NJ

I'm the type of writer who likes to write and finds it a good little past time that I guess, I'm pretty good at. I really like to immerse myself into my writing. I use to write about anything and foun.. more..


A Story by Jermar Makins