An Interview with the High King of Heaven

An Interview with the High King of Heaven

A Story by John Carver

I am here again with the High King of Heaven, Jesus Christ who has graciously consented to an interview  so let's go now to that interview:
Q: Are you the Jesus Christ, the one who was born over two-thousand years ago to Mary and it was thought Joseph when your real Father was God who came into the world the very Word of God in the flesh in the likeness of mankind, Emmanuel, God with us and actually the Son of God? Please tell us.
A: As God said, 'My name is sufficient.' I came to the world to save it not to judge. But this second time I will come as the Judge who is absolute for I judge not as a man judges but as I see my Father judging for we know all and require no testimony on the part of the wicked to so judge them as worthy of the lake. You do also by the Holy Spirit who says only what he hears and offers insight that mankind does not even know.
Q: Of utmost importance to me personally is what will happen to me?
A: He will be attacked by Satan's Angel and you are to let him have his way with you and let him that you will be taken out of the way for you were not prophesied and were expected to be evil but turned at the last moment. You must not prophesy but simply let him do as he desires as payment for the good deed of fulfilling the prophecy concerning the fate of the Christians in the last of the last days and the martyrs that will reign with me on earth.
Q: May I be one of them though not actually a martyr in the exact same manner?
A: You will.
Q: Will Satan's angel destroy me?
A: Whatever he does to you we will restore you. Me, the Father and your Helper, the Holy Spirit will do or undo anything he does to you.
Q: What of covid? I understand that there is no such thing as a virus but that they are spirit and that thought to be a virus in the way they interact with electron microscopes. Is that so and can it be destroyed?
A: We can destroy it but God has chosen not to. I am opposed to that and may after he has settled down manage to talk him out of making it a permanent spiritual situation. But yes. It is what you say it is in a way but in another but it was my idea to make so that it could be understood as a virus in the language and delusions of mankind. It is all spirit from the human body to chemicals that react with that body to make it easier to cope with other maladies. The human body is one spirit, what is called medicines is another spirit and in the case of covid it is a spirit that we have in our control as everything in Creation is. It reacts with nuclear microscopic intrusion the same as had it actually been the same type of spirit that electron microscopes identified as a living virus. It is conscious but not aware. But can it be destroyed? We have the power to give life or remove it or ignore it of course. We then can remove it or destroy it, but not by vaccines that may affect it and the human body but in a way that affects both types of spirit. The entire population was destroyed in one night of earth. But there was such an our cry in Heaven that we decided to resurrect those who had died, leaving many thousands dead to be taken home or to go eventually to the lake. We have brought before me all that we intended but it will affect those headed for destruction in a random manner that appears, but it is by appearance only, that will also die and the Christians we have decided to use covid to bring them up. There is nothing to worry about. We have had the situation under full control as we did before it started to be recognized on earth. But those who were resurrected catch it in accordance to their beliefs and not according to coming in contact with a virus for the spirit can as we proved in destroying everyone on earth and them having no memory of it though some had experiences as you had John when you recovered. If I am unable to persuade God to let it end, it will forever be on earth at one intensity or another some outbreaks of the spirit being even more intense than the original outbreak.
Q: I am laboring under the assumption that an apocalypse will take place even before the Tribulation. Is that correct.
A: The earth, another type of spirit, will have growing pains and the people of earth will suffer tremendously through the hand of the spirit of earth as well as from their own spirits pitted one against another. There will be destruction on earth that have never been seen before though all that has already taken place as reported in the media in "Biblical proportions."
Q: Will America survive?
A: No. There will be a financial depression that is rivaled by no other. Since America is set on the financial rather than the spiritual, America will soon be past history and they will suffer under many kings unlike what was known anywhere in the world before for it is the seat of the godlessness on earth topped specifically by New York. There was then no need to prophesy about it through John for it was a great city that was somewhat good and then fell before anything important in a spiritual reality came to pass. The consequences of the breakdown of financial matters will bring devastation throughout the world.
Q: Do you know the angel that will take Satan's place in the Tribulation for I think I do and have spoken to him for he tried to deny it, but in that he answered by query it appears he is the infamous one in both hell and earth?
A: That is not practical to know how that one will decide to behave beforehand with certainty.
Q: Is science accurate in its findings?
A: In their own lie, yes. But in our reality, Creation, it is nothing like they say it is as planned by the Devil both the one you destroyed and the one to come. They will attempt to explain that which is not explainable even in their fantastic view of Creation what they might call real reality. It has nothing to do with God or even spirits and to remove either one of those is to remove most if not very nearly all truth from the facts you have obtained that are not facts in the end of that or any other lie. But leave that to me.
Q: Are you excited that the end is soon upon us?
A: The winter is all but gone and the spring is soon on its way. When you see the signs of its coming you know that it is at hand.
Bless us who believe in you and believe you, Lord Jesus Christ and thank you for this interview.
Be blessed according to your faith.
And that concludes this interview with the High King of Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ which was not truly an interview but what he says he would have said anyway if he had actually come to earth to do an interview. Maybe at some other time in the very near future when he comes in power to rule the world. Be watchful for the signs are showing more plentifully with each passing day. John.

© 2021 John Carver

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John Carver
John Carver

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