Dealing with God

Dealing with God

A Story by John Carver

Jesus knows what you will do and when you fall he goes through the agony of watching it unfold. But when you fall you can ask to be taken back. But he won't take you back even then without you change your mind about what made you fall and ask him what it is you have done and to forgive you which is sort of like asking him to save you all over again for he will help change you and make up your mind to do things his way. His way is always good. His way is always right. His way is always loving and kind. No one can do it his way on their own. They can only do it by having the Holy Spirit upon them and with them which he is the moment you are saved but he is not the moment you fall. But you cannot die but if you do evil and sin unto death, for their is sin that is not unto death and all you need to do is ask him to forgive you and he is good and faithful he will forgive you. But then you are forgiven and to mess around trying to forgive yourself is like calling him a liar and you have something else to have him forgive. Just believe that it is not whether you forgive yourself because he is yourself in a way. All saints are. So he has already forgiven you for yourself. Just believe it and never doubt Jesus again.
Now God specializes in power and knowing the future and what you should do next. That is why you ask him by saying, "Father, what is it I need or need to do next?" for he already knows just as he knew you would ask him. He sometimes works miracles to help you when there is nothing you can do to and nothing Jesus can say or do with his spirit to fix what is going on with you, but usually he knows what you need and can and will do that without a miracle. But watch for miracles anyway no matter how large or how small. He loves you too. He loves you so much he sent Jesus to die in your place for things you did that required that you die. So then Jesus died by taking your charge on himself and then being found guilty instead of you they already put him to death by hanging him on the cross though he has never done anything wrong. Then God sent the Holy Spirit to raise him and he did. So Death gave him up and it was like he was  born again though he did not have to change except that because he was dead and God raised from the dead now he fulfilled the Scripture he was the Son of God by God's power at last.
Jesus specializes in working miracles to heal people and manipulating things to keep those who believed in him from dying in the first place but when it is not possible when you did something wrong and were dead to God and work with him he will raise you from the dead to be in him and with him in heaven even if you are on earth for your soul, all that you are and all of who you are is with him in heaven already and that he will never lose even if you decide to go your own way and not his way for the rest of your life and die by your body becoming brain dead leaving only your soul the last time it was right with him and your personality with it to be in heaven whether you want that or not.
But if he curses you that means you can no longer  be trusted not to do evil. Then you can only be saved should one of the gods acting outside of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit allow you to be in him while he is in Christ. The difference is that you will never be able to think and understand things like God does because his mind is so much more advanced that yours and you must live like you were on earth which most of the rest do anyway despite the fact they can understand anything God can understand with the mind of Christ before you are ready to go to the Father and then in the mind of God. But it is all done in Jesus but even then only if you have faith enough in him to believe he will help you if you ask. Anything is yours for the asking if it is something that will not kill you or cause you to do something wrong that is in the good and righteous and loving will of Jesus Christ who saved you and changes you to be ready to go to the Father so that when at last that is completed and it is his hope that everyone he saves becomes a god worthy of being in the person of the Three which is one person with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit along with everyone that ever became a god in him. But remember if you need justice go to Christ for he is the high King of Heaven and will give it to you. But don't be afraid for he is also always merciful. Yet if you don't like the result of going before him or think you cannot handle that tell him that and he will either explain it and how it is merciful or give you an alternative to your punishment or if you don't think the punishment one you are wanting justice against is severe enough to satisfy you the victim. You may never get justice if you don't. Christ doesn't always give it if you don't even ask for it.
Now the Holy Spirit is the one that normally speaks to you when you are saved for he will not put up with evil for he is holy and will not tarnish that for anyone. He often works miracles of healing and so forth from the gods or Jesus or even the Father. But he also works miracles that are not just for healing if needed or if he just wants to perhaps just to build up your faith that he will do or say anything good and right and loving. When you are right with the Father and Jesus he is actually the one speaking for you for all you can want, say, or do is in him and good and right. But when you sin he might not say or do anything with you until you ask Jesus to forgive you.
Now how do you talk to God or Jesus even in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will teach you what to say but if you ask him, "What should say?" and he says nothing don't say anything but if he says something through you it will be nearly exactly like it came from you and in fact you may even think it came from you and not him. But ask him and then wait if nothing comes to mind. Don't just make something up and run with it. You cannot speak like him and anything he says through you either is a prophecy or will be the type of prophecy that is for Christ or the Father or builds up others of the Church of which the people in it all have the mind of Christ and are like him when speaking in the Holy Spirit for all of us are in Christ who is in us, with us and upon us the same as we are in him, with him and upon him being then part of the many persons in Christ's person as with the Three earlier. Do you remember? But anyway when you ask God, the Holy Spirit or Jesus a question, the next thought you have is from him but may seem like your own thoughts. Believe the Holy Spirit who says that to you right now through me. After a while the Holy Spirit will say things to you or advise you to do something from him or one of the Three or the Three himself and you will know the difference.
Have you ever had a thought that didn't seem like it could have come from you because you knew you didn't know that or never would have thought it on your own? That is what it will be like sometimes. Then you know. But rest assured it is that in the beginning even with thoughts that you actually knew to say them are not actually from you but Jesus if you are doing, saying or thinking things his way that you already know.
Now you are on your way with no foreign language to learn called Christianese or anything but a ton of wonderful information and insight as well as corrections and being led to think, say and do things Jesus' way which is the best way for all he does if excellent and he is the only one you may know at first to do that. The Father and the Holy Spirit have that in them too. But they are the only one, the Three who can do that and they are good enough to share it with you right from the start. Isn't that grand?
But when you pray pray in secret out loud (Though it doesn't have to be out loud but that is the best way). Then God who hears you in secret will always say yes. But give him a little time. Not all things can be done right at the moment. So have patience and wait on him if it doesn't happen right away. If he is not going to answer it though ask him why not. It might just be because you are only going to use it for your own appetite or because you want to show off; something like. That he will get the point across to you if you will listen and not just ignore what thought comes next after you ask God. Prayer is just talking to God to worship him by being the best you are and telling him how good he is for he loves to be worshiped by those who love him and at least want to do things and even want things that are all excellent to have or to do.
You're on your way to a most wonderful experience if you will just pay attention to what you think, be careful of what you say and consider what the consequences are for everything you do. It's as simple as that but impossible for you to do. You can never do it. You have to have the Holy Spirit's help. You would never think of it outside him. You would never say it or refuse to say it say it without being in him. But what you do will be wrong every time and inferior if you are not in him and listening as he is to the Father and Jesus. That is one way to tell when you have fallen and your soul is in heaven but not in you or at least not alive in you so you feel dead Amen.
Don't give the enemy another thought for if they say something that God would never say and pretending to  be one of Three that God will honor it or break in and chase it away and may even explain to you that he would never say that unless he allows a bit or lot of tribulation into your life that you will endure (He will never allow more than you can handle even if it looks that way. Amen again.

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 2, 2021
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John Carver
John Carver

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