On Change and Upkeep

On Change and Upkeep

A Story by John Carver

Your body is a temple. That means that your mind is like a church. Some of those thoughts in you do not belong but others do just like some people go to church who do not belong to Christ. They have to be weeded out and barred or at least it has to be your choice to make sure they carry no sway in what the church is known for, the things they do that does not reflect on you and are not counted on by you so that you make decisions using them. Like with the early church they are with you almost all the time and only go to their homes to eat or sleep and spend all day with you.

But it is not just to keep you looking good though that is part of it. It is so that your temple will be a normal healthy church where you all love Jesus and believe he came from God as the Son of God from birth. Listen only to those who are true believers and not fallen away. Ask God to teach how to be discerning or how to tell the difference one over the other and do not rejoice when the others leave but don’t take it hard for the church, your temple, your body even is healthier when they are gone and they are a health hazard no longer.

A healthy church thinks what Jesus thinks because it has the mind of Christ, says what Jesus says for they have come to know God and know what he would say and what he would not say but the church does things that Jesus would do, healing people’s mental and emotional problems as well as their demons and heresies right along with their bodies for a temple represents many churches not just one and if those who are not of your church in your temple then it causes you tribulation to be among them in what you do for the other churches as well.

No one is for himself on the other hand and builds up those it represents not tears them down for even one who does not belong can be brought into harmony with Jesus by coming alongside them and helping them see they have thoughts from their hearts and therefore in their words that do not belong in Jesus Christ whom you are represented by and that everything you say or do would reflect on him. So he punishes you and your temple when you get out of line and brings tribulation or hard times on your church to help build character so that you can speak freely and still be in Jesus Christ. That is why he came to set you free from saying and doing evil by changing your heart so that there is no evil in it. Let him. It will go a lot easier for you when you do. It is for your own good.

I wish brothers and sisters you could just keep on doing what you are plus being good and right and loving on top of that and that would be enough, but you are either good or evil, either good or bad not just better and evil or better than just bad. But it does not work that way and Jesus would be asking you to live in a place as evil and full of wrongdoing as earth is forever. You would never make it. In fact death on earth to the old is a blessing because they have been worn down by all the bad and evil so that their church is in shambles and their temple falling down. Who would knowingly want to live in that forever? Therefore death on earth is a blessing because our souls are raised in heaven without any bad or evil in our hearts that we never have to live in that we left behind on earth.

However many in heaven do just that wishing they could die again seeing the blessings that come from the other ones who do not do that when all they have to do is repent, change their minds and start over living like they are supposed to in heaven; good, right, loving, kind and patient with others forgiven by Christ until they no longer require being forgiven for they do no wrong.

It should be the same way on earth brothers and sisters! We should never look to Jesus only when we are in trouble and have done something wrong but go to Christ our judge and tell him we are genuinely sorry we have done wrong and prophesy that we will never do it again even though we might keep doing it again and again for Jesus can forgive you for being wrong time and again. He sort of gives us a beginner’s permit until we finally know enough to drive responsibly so that we can be trusted by all communities with a driver’s license.

You, brothers and sisters, most of you still have your permits years after God told you to drive responsibly and in fact many of you will never be able to get a license and be able to drive on your own alone and not need anyone to teach you for you have been taught successfully by Jesus. But if you just ask him to forgive you for breaking the rules and keep on breaking the rules reasoning he will forgive you every time remember this, the Bible says he is faithful to forgive you as many times as you need, but after a while you are in need of not being forgiven for breaking the rules but for being a repeat offender who is in need of being forgiven for trying to take advantage of Jesus and never really intending from your heart to follow the rules in the first place.

Jesus can heal anything if you ask him and are ready to receive the healing and being healed of being a repeat offender is a great miracle for it changes who you are entirely for without you repeat that certain wrong when the opportunity presents itself they do not know you and like yourself they have to get used to the change in you. You will have a better resurrection if you do but it is in your hands for if you never get ready you will be one of the worst there is in the Kingdom or communities on earth.

You are in a sense under an evil curse you have placed on yourself that Jesus never put there and never would no matter how many times you change your mind about it and ask to be forgiven for a time will come when you realize you will never listen to him and actually change your mind about it and until you do Jesus cannot after a certain point forgive you, in fact technically he could not forgive you the first time you refused to change your mind about it and in the end of it it is clear that you need to be only your soul when it was in the state you were in before you became addicted to breaking that rule and became one addicted to sin like an unbeliever.

You may be able to convince a driving examiner that you are fit to drive on earth in hell. But Christ knows unless you are changed back to what your soul was in the past you will never be a god and trusted by God to become a son of God rather than a small immature child of Christ unlike that God who was a God from the time he was born and only recently is worthy of becoming a God in God instead of remaining as he humbly is a mature and bigger son of Christ.

The way you do it is to trust yourself to listen to Christ and do what he has taught you and if you fail again and again anyway plead with him to make you new again so that you can die and become one who will not be just another repeater even if you have to get used to the new you and others have to get used to you too. You must change entirely; your mind, your will and that requires your heart change back to what it was before you became addicted to breaking those driving rules or he may come when you are in heaven and revoke your driver’s license.

You will be forced to go back to earth with the rest of the non drivers until you are ready to accept and consent to Christ changing you which you cannot do on earth for you are already there and you must live a forgiven saint living like one headed for hell in your torment on earth. He will make you over as many times as he needs to but there will come a time when he no longer believes you have repented or changed your mind to allow him to forgive you. It works.

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 3, 2021
Last Updated on May 3, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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