An Essay on God and the Beginning Also

An Essay on God and the Beginning Also

A Story by John Carver

A thing either is or it is not. That which is not is not anything even consciousness but it became conscious when it became unstable. It was then nothing that which was conscious in unconscious nothingness regardless of how large or small that is and consciousness is the same size. God the consciousness that nothing became also changed and became aware of itself, that it was not one but three that were the one that they are. Then there was darkness and space as one of them, one that was but is not something that can be sensed by any of the possible senses including human senses and one of them all things of an aware mind not sensing its environment, or all knowledgeable.

Now the one of the One it was in that was all knowing gave the command for that which was in the darkness another one of the One, light to become separate from the darkness which is the darkness of space. That one did so dividing the light from the darkness that was not it. Then the light made all elemental particles out of darkness which is space and proceeded to create all things the all knowing one said to create which was an understood command to create all things an infinite number of times leading to the universe which is in the place that space fills which is infinite space being one of the things light created by leaving space behind and drawing it all into an infinitesimal part of space even to the point of it being nothing but actually not nothing but something that is 0 x 0 x 0 with the next larger thing being the elemental particles that space is comprised by that nearly the same dimensions with the difference being that the height, width and depth are not 0 but infinitesimally larger than zero in any measurement system possible, the first particle which is solid and the hardest but least dense thing that can be made rendering space a solid that was once the size of one infinitesimal elemental particle. From there on all elemental particles were solid with the creation of the particles of energy and matter enabling the light to create all of the universe the way it is now with a single thought.

As a higher thought one planet was created to bring intelligent design by the three in the One.  Doing something unique into the universe that was all made by the direction of the one that is all knowing through light which is the one of the One that actually does and makes all things. But does not make anything other than the occasional thing that is then thought to be a miracle of the thing with the highest consciousness ever made, man.

Call the One God. Call the one that is all knowing the Father, the light Jesus Christ and the one that is what they both are the Holy Spirit and man and humanity the same for the one intelligent design made first was an animal that was humanoid with a very small brain that is now extinct leaving all crossbreeds with man completely man who need to be given a spirit as man was to have a mind large enough to know God from superstition or from the dogma or theme of an ideology. That is creation, the Creation of God. But he is not done yet, for he plans to transform every part of the universe to intelligent design, a task that has no end which is all irrelevant to the Father but true to Jesus Christ and believed by the Holy Spirit for to believe anything else is to be out of touch with reality, a reality that includes God, the Three and those three who make up the One God in three persons.

So a model that is a certain distance standing for infinite distance with on place beyond it 0 x 0x 0 that exists in every direction with another particle that is still there in the first center of the universe that is precisely an infinitesimal distance larger than the out place is a part in the exact center as are all other places in the entire universe should one figure out how to create such a thing represents Creation but only earth is built entirely of randomness which was also created by intelligent design in the person of light, Jesus Christ and always results in something already existing in the universe whether a nuclear explosion or a single elemental particle or by the way a single simple thought that leads to all other thoughts causing one who speaks English to say, “God,” is in everyone made by God or bred out of God as a hybrid that replaced the human animal leaving man is at the center highest part of all intelligent design who is not only all powerful, but all knowing, all loving, all goodness, all right and all spirit which all three of the original one in the One we can easily see is the Three as he is called for he has never had a name, does not now have a name and cannot be accurately named by any others name than God whom the Father goes by which is one of his three persons in his One. 

© 2021 John Carver

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John Carver
Unedited but critics, I refuse to edit it it is so trivial but an integral part of what people nowadays seem fascinated with for it contains the truth unlike scientific theory.

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Added on May 3, 2021
Last Updated on May 3, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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