On Waking to a Dream Going On

On Waking to a Dream Going On

A Story by John Carver

When he became aware of something other than his dream he was still aware of the dream. But he was not only aware he was aware of his room he was aware of Jesus’ voice saying, “I don’t like what you did to that bird. He helped him find food all the time he was lost.”

“It suited me fine,” he said, realizing he was still ornery like in the dream when he flew down just right to kick the bird so hard it died instantly. ‘I didn’t realize that. Oh well, it is just an animal.’ Now he thinks, ‘It was just an animal of the place where all dreams take place,’ and supposes it could be called dreamland which he had always thought it was nothing. But now he thinks it was part of his conscious awareness and that too is real. When he used to tell himself it was just a dream he was lying. Dreams are thoughts too just like when you are awake and have thoughts but in a separate reality like unto a different dimension. It is sure something to think about isn’t it?

‘Forgive me Jesus,’ he requests in his mind.

‘I have already,’ Jesus says.

But back then when he was waking up he was too ornery to think like that though he asked Jesus to forgive him anyway and he did, knowing he would not normally do a thing like that. Now he wonders if Christians should be good Christians in their dreams as well as when they are awake as Jesus says that they should.

He furled the covers back so that he could sit on the bed, looking at his aqua tee and wondering whether it clashed as much as he thought with his very blue shirt and about the place of his dream and why he seemed to always go to the same place and if he would live in such an apartment building that was so busy in heaven. But now according to Jesus it is where he is in heaven.

‘Is that what it will be like when I get to heaven?’ he asked Jesus realizing after he typed it on his laptop that in the dream he had sex and even tried to enter the girl, an exgirlfriend of his that he lived with for thirteen years before having the good fortune to get out of the relationship, and even to push the opening to her womb open which she said in the dream she didn’t like and a voice said, “You were trying to enter the throne room.” He was alarmed and wondered if that all was actually so. It seemed so real.

Then he picked up his tee making sure that the black lines near the bottom were facing him so he didn’t put it on backward and slipped it over his head and looked down at his blue jeans wondering if he would make it to the bathroom before he peed his pants because they were his favorites being 31 inch waist instead of 32 and though they fit him too tight at least they would stay up all through the day without him rolling the waistband to take up a little of the waistline repeatedly every time he sat down for he sits down and gets up a lot it seems to him. But in the seat of his blue jeans were his briefs and he noticed they were dirty so he picked them up and threw them in his closet and looked in his laundry basket still in the bedroom though they had done his laundry the day before and feeling a little guilty again now for they are still their he thinks how lazy he was for not putting them it in the closet.

Then he looked around in the laundry basket moving things from the top to one side and found a freshly washed stained pair of briefs, put them on and turned around and went back to sit on his bed though he thought he felt he might have dribbled a bit as he sat on the bed. Then he slipped into his jeans with difficulty and quickly zipped them up, still aware he was walking down the hallway of the apartment building he was in in his dream when he was sure he dribbled a little bit more. Then he walked to the door, opened it and walked quickly to the bathroom which had the door closed. Then he locked it and turned to the other door still wondering about the dream instead of why that bathroom has two doors to it and locked that one two.

I may be 70 but I still have my memory. But I asked Jesus what he thought of what I just wrote though I don’t exactly remember why I wrote it.

“What do you think I think?” he asked me.

I don’t remember what I answered but then he added to that, “I’m impressed with your memory.”

Even though I can’t seem to remember now what I wrote it for other than the fact I wrote something like this before and people seemed to take to it?

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 4, 2021
Last Updated on May 4, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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