What the Seven Thunders Meant to Say

What the Seven Thunders Meant to Say

A Story by John Carver

The seven thunders roared: A prophet will arise from the land beyond north in the land beyond where east and west meet to the east of there, a very great land like no other ever seen on the earth that no longer worships God or the Son for the illusion God has given them has eaten up their knowledge to make fools of them. When you see that coming and their interpretation of that you prophecy which is like children playing with fictional monsters that cannot come to the land that is true for God has banned them from reality forever know this: You John must prophesy to them things about the birds of earth from the sky taking away all they built though they are nothing and began in emptiness in empty thinking and are only vanity the things you will prophesy hereafter but it will only the supposed truth of the vain less they turn and be healed for their destiny is with the beast with the ten horns and seven crowns, fiction to the end that will carry them away for what they think will happen only to them as God makes it true. Come out from the w***e that sits on the seven seas and thinks she owns the world posing as a mighty man with a small beard who looks like no one and is only in their vanity. They are cursed forever because they betrayed God. Let all believers know when that prophet speaks of the end times for the godless with not believe it until they see in their images what God wants them to see to align with the beast who was, then was not, then was and then cries out forever for death though Death wants no part of them and denies them any of his blessings. So said the seven thunders prophecy that John the servant of Christ and most beloved by his God the God of Christ and the Father to you. It is finally time John to prophesy all that I have prophesied in this prophecy for not one of Christ’s will be harmed if they believe you and I and not the false prophets of the apostate church. Believe John should you not believe John for the Tribulation is about to end and all that doubt it in their doubt blaspheme God by saying he cannot do it. Say it to the many nations twice as many times as it will be prophesied through two prophets in Jesus the Christ one witness in Heaven the other on Earth, but woe to them that do not believe. It would have been better for them to be the son of perdition and never born for your seal over the words of the seven thunders has been broken by that prophet.

Him who was the Great Power and the Son of Satan though he turned that they might die for should anyone come in their names there is only nothing for them to do has opened the gate and only the Good shepherd can call his own to come out to go with him by peaceful waters. Therefore they will be born stillborn, a tragedy of human birth watch for the prophecy concerning their vanity for it is as a bubble in the air filled with air so that when it breaks only air escapes but the bubble is no more, not even a drop of soap but nothing yes, only that not anything and no not without remedy forever for it will be ignored should it ever happen again that the thunders ever lie and must have their prophecy sealed until it is more perfect to the prophets’ thoughts. Anyone who does not come out of her in their awareness will suffer the lake of fire for blaspheming God so it is what the number of the man 666 means and for their minds to believe in 666 rather than me and you, John most beloved of Christ, have they not rather denied his Father the same as had they taken the number of his name which stands to be only logical. The Four Elders and the One on the Throne have agreed I gave the prophecy a more perfect voice than could have been received in the days of the ancients which are as the sea beneath the sea below the line dividing polluted waters from living waters the pollution above.

© 2021 John Carver

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The rapture will take place. All those who believe in the Reality of Jesus Christ will go up to meat the heavenly host in the sky, for two men a husband and his wife will be in one bed and one will be taken and the other left and a driver and her son will be in one car and the child taken and the man left behind. Two men will be working on the same construction crew one will be taken and the other left behind and two women will be in adjacent cubicles and one will be taken with the other one left behind until the end of the age when earth is in Heaven beneath the division below the waters but above the waters (thought) beneath. But first the economy will see a mild recovery only to slip into the worst depression ever.

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John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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