A Story by John Carver

Heaven is like a wise man who found a humongous diamond in a field using a spotting scope and maxed out his credit cards and begged for donations to buy the field and then invited the President, all who knew him and all who had heard of him and believed he was real to join in all that he had forever. 

Again heaven is like a homeless man who was given a house and a million acres but preferred to sleep in a tent on the shore of a river in the brush of its bank. That man has no part in his inheritance just as the unbelievers do not want their inheritance which is theirs if they only believe him who gave the deed to them to sign or make their X.

Again concerning heaven there was one man like unto a moment in infinite time that was unique from all other moments and he prophesied he would save God because he did not like how the three of him behaved toward each other and fulfilled it himself.

Again heaven is like the place that's dimensions were all zero lying beyond infinity but it contained every good and righteous and knowledgeable one ever to be.

And again heaven is like a man with the faith to create an entire universe with all the people therein but believed he was only a saint only to discover when he died that he was taken alive to heaven to be a God like the Three because no one ever had his faith before or since. He is a great prophet on earth and a god with as much faith as the Triune God in heaven but never said so except figuratively in a parable that he might never be cursed.

Heaven is like a place that divides two fields that go on forever in all directions until they reach a boundary that is a line that goes on to infinity in both directions so that any direction one looks at the field he sees it only has one line dividing it and nothing beyond it, the smallest possible place smaller than a particle that is the height, width and depth of a shadow on a perfect surface where are all evil kinds and of evil things and the dead as well whom only God can resurrect by tuning evil. 

Again heaven is like the kingdom of a great and loving kingdom where people live forever for they cannot even imagine being without their king who lives in his father’s house for his father feels the same way about him and even the ghost does not haunt the palace but is on and with every one in the kingdom and everyone adores him and everyone else forever

Heaven is like a place that is as large as the universes but as small as the heart’s best thought, ‘I love you,’ and nothing is so great as that.

So saith the Lord Jesus the High King of Heaven.

In heaven no heart can be fonder than the king’s is of each of the citizens of that kingdom but you make him cry to tell him the truth, “I love you, Jesus.”

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 4, 2021
Last Updated on May 5, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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