Murder in Heaven

Murder in Heaven

A Story by John Carver

In heaven a woman killed her best friend just to see what it was like to do evil. She came to earth with instructions only to kill murderers that God said it was okay to kill because they had gone too far to turn back from evil. She was doing evil only all the time and escaping before anyone could find her out using a different manifestation each time so they wouldn’t know she was a real serial killer. But she became bored and was all alone and nobody loved her anymore.

So she wanted to go back to heaven, but the king wouldn’t let her back in the kingdom even though the man she killed in the kingdom was only inconvenienced because he rose and healed himself right away. She told the king she was sorry she ever killed anyone whether doing evil to good or doing evil to evil which is good.

He didn’t believe her for he knew she was just bored. So the next one he had her kill didn’t die but got one last shot off and mortally wounded her but she rose again when she died and understood what murder was from both sides and she wanted no part of it just like she didn’t want any part of earth that bored her because it was only evil all the time. She had her fill and the king said now you can change your mind if you are willing and I will let you come back.

When she got back everyone forgave her partly because nearly a million years had passed and only about a thousand days, about but not quite three years on earth and many didn’t remember what she had done and she cried and cried for every one was so nice and kind and loving toward her.

Now it’s been a million years more and she has done a few bad things but nothing bad enough to be thrown out of the kingdom and she loves the king for letting her back in and everybody else for the way they treat her even when she tells someone what she did. The king loves her like he does everybody else maybe more and she has full rights and all.

She is haunted about all the killing but it is getting better as the king tells her most of it was for good and she did nothing wrong but that killing of her best friend who doesn’t know her anymore since both of them have changed so much. They still love each other but they have nothing in common but the king anymore. She will have to find new best friends which is easy in the kingdom, everyone is so friendly. It’s easy to meet people.

But when she remembers she goes through hell like a soldier after three years in a war zone. In the end if she listens to the king she will be able to handle all the gruesome memories. But the king didn’t take her back until she kept begging to die before she turned and begged to change who she was and to go back to heaven. She’s happy and loving and right most of the time already. No one in heaven is allowed to die but they can go back to being among the dead on earth and if they change their minds even to go back to heaven where they no longer want to die except not to be exactly who they were nearly every time.

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 5, 2021
Last Updated on May 5, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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