Chapter 1 Spirit

Chapter 1 Spirit

A Chapter by John Carver

Chapter 1: Spirit

“You see my boy everything even nothing begins as if it were dead. It cannot think, it cannot say anything and it cannot do anything. But even nothing grows. Nobody knows how it grows or why it grows. It just grows. Even nothing when it began grew but when it got so big it became unstable. It became God and nothing but they were both like they were dead. But God began thinking and nothing cannot other than to say God’s mind is the mind of all things for God took in every thought into his mind and knew everything there was to know but you.  He created everything that ever was created and all the rest is invented from that,” he said. “But in the beginning it was all dark as far back as can be remembered even by God. Yet there was water at the  bottom of it and nothing above it until away was all a flat surface and beyond that only that which is not, no not anything 0 x 0 x 0; nothing and any direction you go leads to that one point beyond the flat surface at the top.”

“What was the water?” the boy asked.

“Water,” he said, “A flat surface of water shining like the moon on a lake at midnight when there is no wind. But the Spirit of God was hovering over it.”

“The Spirit of God!” the boy said, “What is that?”

“God’s Spirit,” he said.

“What is a spirit?” the boy asked.

“When you see something,” he said, “There is the thing you see and the place it is in but the spirit is what keeps it from mixing with the place so that when it moves it leaves the place it was in behind.”

“It’s a place!” the boy exclaimed.

“No,” he said, “It is neither the place nor the thing that was in the place. It keeps places separate from nothing if all things leave it.”

“Where is a spirit?” the boy asked.

“It is everywhere you can think it is and all the other places you have not thought of,” he said, “But it is anywhere, even the smallest possible place even the place that nothing is in when it is just larger than 0 x 0 x 0. So it is everywhere and nowhere, it is something that is nothing and nothing that is something but never any one of them but what holds their place from not being somewhere.”

“I don’t understand,” the boy said.

“Then ask the Spirit to explain it to you,” he said, “For it cannot easily be explained in words.”

“I see it now,” the boy said, “It is really neat. Is a body a spirit?”

“No,” he said, “The Spirit keeps your body from having no place and your place from going out of being when you leave it when it is filled with air or something else like water or just space. It divides the two from your place and your place from them. But your body is a spirit that always manifests as a changing thing becoming completely new every seven years or so. That is why it gets old.”

“Are their spirits that don’t get old?” the boy asked.

“Many,” he said. “For they just keep on changing back to what they are brand new each time when they would have worn out or something new whichever they choose. They are like a soul, what remains what you are even when your spirit wears out and does nothing ever again like those who believe they die when their spirit’s brain dies and don’t want to believe they are a spirit. Most people are like that but their soul living and thinking, communicating or doing something or dead and never again doing anything still is in the memory of God.”

“What is a soul?” the boy asked.

“It is what you are and who you are no matter what happens to your spirit, even your spirit body,” he said. “It is the part that keeps you, you no matter where you go or what you become and when you talk it is your point of view when you have one.”

“It’s me!” the boy asked.

“No,” he said, “Me, can mean anyone. For example, you are me and you are in me but I am in you, with you and upon you.”

The boy screwed up his face not understanding.

“The Spirit understands,” he said, “Someday you may for the Spirit is with you and upon you and in you the same as the Light is in you with you and upon you. But God is in you, with you and upon you and it is all true in the Truth brought by the spirit of Truth.”

“Who are you?” the boy asked.

“I am your voice speaking the truth of God. God knows,” he said. “The Truth says, ‘You are you,’ to me. I am like the voice you hear when no one else is there. Obey God, not me.”

Wherever the boy went the Dove, the Eagle and the  Bright Light of a Sparrow were with him.

So he asked, “What is the meaning of the birds with me all the time?”

“They are the spirits of the three that are God, the Dove, the Holy Spirit, the Eagle, God and the Bright Light of a Sparrow, Jesus the Christ or King,” he said.

“Who are they?” the boy asked.

“God,” he said, “Each of  the three is him and all three are him. If you do not fall away he will always be with you without end.”

© 2021 John Carver

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