Chapter 3 Truth

Chapter 3 Truth

A Chapter by John Carver

CHAPTER 3: Truth

“What did you see this time my boy?” the Sparrow asked the boy.

“I saw war, I think. Those who were black men kept attacking the ones that didn’t have an Eagle face anymore but kept praying to someone and spoke the name they had for the Eagle but didn’t care about anymore except one that had an eagle face would walk and talk to him and they spent a lot of time together though no one cared. He loved the Eagle so much he was miserable to the point the Eagle took him to Paradise with him and everybody wondered where he went. But they kept attacking the ones’ descendants who had called on the Eagle until there were hardly any left and they married the blacks. Then I saw men with faces like the red bird that was cursed and they became prominent men and men of great renown. So the Eagle was unhappy and grieved he had made man like God and he decided to destroy them but one of them was a man with an eagle’s face, a face like a dove and a face like a sparrow and he decided to save him by having him build an enormous boat which everyone laughed at him for.

The sky was always grey in those days but it became black and angry looking and began to rain straight down at about a foot an hour and the springs even in the mountains became gusher and in just seven days the ship floated on what seemed and endless ocean  covering the entire earth and the mountain now called Mount Everest was covered and there they were in the hull of the ship in near darkness with only candles to provide light for the eight people and all but the man with the three faces fell off into a deep sleep like the animals. They were all dead but the man with the three faces. He stayed awake and kept track of time by light a candle each day and listening to the Sparrow to tell him how many days had passed.

Finally the day came when it stopped raining and that man sent out a raven that never came back. It flew and it flew until it gave up its spirit.

So he waited a long time and sent out a pigeon that knew enough to come back when it found no place to even rest. Then he waited a long time again and sent out another pigeon that returned with an olive tree’s leaf in its beak and he understood when the Sparrow told him, “Now I have proven to you that the water is receding.

When the water assuaged there was the first rainbow and the Eagle promised that when his rainbow appeared in the sky he would remember that he told them, “I will never flood the earth again” and make it stop raining and the land was fertile and grew every kind of grain and fruit there was.

Now the man with three faces got drunk on his first crop of grapes and lay in the open on his bed in the tent and one of his sons saw it and never did anything about it but told his other two brothers about it. Then when he awoke he knew what that son had done and he cursed his son’s son making him a slave to the sons of his brothers. But the Eagle made it permissible to eat the meat of animals and cursed the animal that drew blood from a man with death. They were to put it to death.

Only the eight persons onboard the ship survived. The rest were dead and the Eagle started over making a new man of the one man with three faces that of an eagle, a sparrow and a dove. The people began to spread out as their numbers grew and they settled in the plain where they decided to build a tower to the sky. But the Sparrow came down to see what they had done and if it would work. It would have been twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. But the Sparrow confused their language so that no two spoke the same language. Thus, they gave up the project and spread throughout the world.

© 2021 John Carver

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John Carver
John Carver

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