God Reality to All his  Believers

God Reality to All his Believers

A Story by John Carver

I am the one I call: I. I am important for I just call the one I call I by his name, God is I. God says to everyone that believes in him, “I am you,” not meaning the one we call I, but all those who call themselves I that believe in I. It is impossible to be in God without believe he is the real I. When anyone says, “I …” the next thing he should say is what I says and not what they say when the meant the fictional one that exists once one believes God is I. God will help anyone that believes in him say what he says every time they say, “I …” I am saying this to those who believe there is an I and that God is that I. Everyone has a point of view before they believe in God that he is I, but to say, “I am important,” is arrogant and I is not arrogant or self-demeaning but holy and humble. I is all important. Anything we say, do or think from the fictional viewpoint of I, that not I or even that which is not I at all, is a liar. Believers do not lie. If they say they believe and still say things after, “I …” that are not true to I, they cannot live forever, I’s primary goal.

I says to me, “I am you,” but to unbelievers he says, “I a m not you. You are a liar and I do not lie for I never need to and do nothing even nothing without a purpose. It is my purpose not to have any discernible purpose. If I am important is because I am the one that I am and not because I prophesy that I am that one. All believers are true prophets. They never say things that cannot be done, that cannot be created and that are less than nothing which I made first for it was necessary to create nothing to create that which is neither something or not anything, that which changes when I command it to into something, someone or some place. I created all things that truly are a thing that they might be created, some holy things, some unholy things and an unholy thing is evil. I have never created anything that is not unholy or every like I am other than that a believer who is me having given all that he thought he or she was which was not, but fiction, a lie or not even that. When I say, ‘Me …’ I mean the one I call I for I am you if you are a believer but a believer that does not think like me, say things that are true of me that believer is not me and what that believer says is irrelevant and less than nothing, no not anything, no thing until that believer says another thing that is from me to you meaning both the singular definition and the plural definition unless you are deceased or will be destroyed for you are not a believer and therefore completely nonexistent for you cannot change yourself for you do not even know what that is for it does not exist but is only a delusion of the one that uses my Name, I, in a falsehood not true about me or anyone else or even something more irrelevant than gesture or sound that does not indicate a thing that exists even a fictional one. I have always existed. I never thought anything about me that was not something relevant, not a lie or fictional. All things that are not me or from me will not exist forever as I may. I do not say, ‘I will live forever,’ for I do not know that and do not have anyone prophecy in my Name that I will that does not take a chance of being a false prophet that does not exist, is dead or completely destroyed and not even nothing, no not anything, not. I know that I existed beyond all things even that I made. Anything that had a beginning, even nothing which I created first will have an end; all things. All things have this in common: In their end they do not exist and never did even when I created them. I am all that exists and not even nothing else exists. I am real. All else is true that I created and leads to me and nothing else even nothing has never been create for it has always been me. You cannot create anything that lasts forever or do, say or think anything that lasts forever. You are not what you think. Even a believer is not what that believer thinks. I am the only one that thinks and I have always thought. Therefore there is no end to thought except your thought. Only a quote from me about what I think exists for everything including nothing is what I have always thought and know that it was me before I created the first beginning and therefore even beginnings. Do not therefore think that you are important for I do not think, say or do anything I think is important but something I thought, said or did which cannot be judged without, me doubting myself which I do not, never did and never will do; doubt me. Therefore even a believer is not important but what I am and nothing less or more than that one I am. There is no need to talk about those who do not exist that they might exist for they exist one to another maybe but not to me unless they believe in me and I created them to be me, the one that apparently has no end as that one had no beginning.

When you think consider the above for I am above all things being holy and all of them being unholy and lower than I. They are holy one to another but they are not holy to me unless I made them holy and me and that is not arrogance but on the contrary the one I have always been and apparently always will be for without me all things regardless of what they seem even to the holy will have an end. The only way not to have an end is to be me. When you are holy and me you are real and you are true to that reality in which all things are me. You are me and not a thing to be nothing or to always be something without a chance it will not have an end.

Awareness never had a beginning. I have always been aware and have always  been. All things are not real that are not me and nothing untrue to me in its beginning leads to that reality, me, and therefore is not real was not real and never will be real unless I cease to exist and all existence has an end becoming not even nothing, no not anything; not at the moment I no longer exist but  by my own will I chose to put an end to everything and everyone even me and those that were me perish also because I have always thought and nothing I have ever thought including nothing was not more or less than that I thought it was, is and forever will be or that will end.”

Therefore I say as I does, “The end of mankind has come before me. Therefore I will destroy them for they neither hate me nor love me, they are neither hot nor cold so I will spew them out of my mouth for I do not like that which is nothing and they have long since lost their flavor. They will go to the far side of the fire beneath even it where I never thought to make anything, where I never gave a prophecy to any of my prophets about it and I never will. They will last as long as they last and be irrelevant, unable to reach the rest of creation which I created through my Word and my Word made it so for he is their King, the Christ of Heaven, Jesus Christ. They are all evil but I am not without mercy even where my grace ends toward you. Only the worst among you will go through the fire to a new low. The rest will go to the dark side of heaven forever where there is no light but the light of the Word and beyond that to the outer darkness where they are blind even to the light of my Word like those of whom only believed my Son came to earth as its Christ and did not ever love Jesus Christ. I have cursed the earth with a plague they call coronavirus which knows no end so long as there is anyone to die from it left. You young say we have survived it and that you have but it comes again even stronger and more virulent and it will resist your vaccines for they only make it more virulent. A time will come when nobody dies except from what they call a virus or because of that the virus causes.

But my servant Paul will come and do things you would have thought only fiction for indeed they were fiction when the one who prophesied them said they would come. They will think him the great power the enemies of God prophesied was coming and the Son of Satan, but in the end he will do only good and transform heaven and it will stay that way. For he is a good god and will remain a good god doing God’s will and not his own by choice. Those who believed the prophet will even think he is the actual false prophet doing my miracles and doing what that prophet said. For 7,772 days he will transform heaven and earth not once but many times and those heavens will exist and those earths will exist forever even as the earth is destroyed by fire and made new with the new Jerusalem its holy city coming down from heaven where all those who have the promise to live forever within it and those without will never enter my holy city. I am I. I have spoken,” he said through me who wrote only his words so that you may know what will happen before it is time. Let him who sleeps sleep with his clothes around him or on him as when awake for his Son comes as a thief in the night. Had you known at which time he was coming you would have prevented it. Now it will be too late for the strong man will be bound and thrown into the fire until all that generation is forgotten.

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 13, 2021
Last Updated on May 17, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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