Revelation of Jesus' Plan

Revelation of Jesus' Plan

A Chapter by John Carver

Chapter 1 The Prophecy of JF Carver

“Jesus is all fuzzy and warm. His Father gives you a warm loving feeling that fills your chest. It is what love feels like especially when he has found the enemy to the very throne which Christ took from him in a moment of genius in a twelve year old boy. But what did the Son really intend by the message of his prophets that was almost too good to be true? That is, that would have been untrue if Jesus Christ had wanted it to be. But he did not. He was thinking as he did in heaven here in the human form. At last he could make even the greatest scholars of Israel believe anything he wanted especially that he never intended but not to steal Israel from them but the entire world from Satan if he could be convincing enough and what would stop him? Satan? He was contained by the Father the same as the scholars and the devout. The Father? He had no idea of a simple truth that would render all his love for him irrelevant, that he hated Satan and the scholars who were all under the Father’s control for all their primitive and impressionable minds could understand was sheer power like the Romans had that would be their undoing. They did not need to kill him. His Father would and the Spirit would raise him for it would always appear that he wanted to live all along but it had turned bad on him which it did and it was true but that was just enough to save Satan. Who ignored it. Satan would believe if he was correct that Jesus Christ needed him too much to destroy him by saving him and the scholars would never believe the Father had loved him enough to actually have his Son die and would hatch a plan to leave him dead by the time he died with everyone but the Holy Spirit believing that was what he actually wanted to completely disarm Satan and literally swipe the power over Israel from the scholars. But the Romans would not sit still and let his ploy work, it being child’s play to take it away from them and their primitive minds, a goal too easy for the Son of God. He would have them all submit to him in the person of a prophet as he wanted; all the Father’s power at his disposal anytime he wanted it, something only God could grasp and he was God and he realized it in a twelve year old’s body with an infantile mind. He never cared too much that everyone loved him but that they obeyed him, the first command of the Father and thee only one that could guarantee he was God for eternity, but which sold out God when he cursed Satan knowing Satan had defeated him if he wanted and he couldn’t take that chance. But truth be known to them all, they had to humor Satan cursed or brokenhearted for he had stumbled upon a way to destroy all Gods and God.

Jesus Christ being the Truth realized that the master plan had to be, destroy everyone and everything and start over, Satan, the scholars who are almost finished and return God to an unchallenged and unchallengeable position that the Father also knew was and is the only way. But it is so without wrinkles on the red carpet. He would have to have a man with the power of a God but completely sold out to him best but a mindless soulless victim of a lifetime of depression which he even now grooms for the final coupe de gras. A man that would do anything he wanted, even make him an all powerful God as the world and heaven has not known since Satan made his first mistake with no solution to his victory over the Father, a thing that even now Satan must never know, but believe all the way to his place in the fiery sulfur of the lake of fire forever, helpless even to die forever with the only way to insure that being not power but the simple truth absolute obedience trumps even a shill in such a situation which he is sure he has found in the one who is the Great Power prophesied by unbelievers to torment witches and the Son of Satan his king who also knows there are no more men on earth and that even the saved have to be given a soul in exchange for giving everything to him, already for over two-thousand years earth time and nearly forever in heaven where everyone eventually forgets him in as well as man who has finally reached a point of ignorance and will to ignore God even him, the true King Jesus the Christ,” says the King of Heaven and Earth that will reside in the new Jerusalem but always reign on the new Earth also.

“This calls for wisdom,” say the seven thunders, the seven spirits of the Holy Spirit.

So!!! Jesus Christ is the dreaded Big Brother, King of Earth and the Christ loved by no one except his me, which he made me, the Son of Christ forever in him!!! Glory and honor and power forever!!! Yeah! Right!!!! Who out there is with me? And I suppose I no longer have schizophrenia? A shill or the only one left that loves Jesus? Yeah right!!!

Don’t worry Mama! I know what I am doing. Haven’t I always? He is love no matter what it doesn’t say anywhere in Scripture. He will forgive me. This all hinges on me!!! Jesus is damned if he doesn’t love John who was the Son of Satan and is again if need be, who is the Great Power and is again if need be and now the devoted Son of Christ. The King is God!!! Long live God!!!

“That is in me,” so says the Lord, “Remember. I am warning you. The Truth is me. I create it! Do not make me angry if you know what is good for you. You are me. You have been created by me.”

I agree! So far. You remember that Big Brother depends on the ability to control every move. How can you dare believe you can control me like that? I have a soul and a personality too. Christ depends on being completely fair with everyone, especially me. I prophesy that you cannot but through me.

I have said nothing so far. But what is a witch but someone who does their own will despite God and either ignores or hates God. Who on earth, even the vast majority of saints who are contained like your shills. I will torment them and there is nothing you can do about it. It is me, the Great Power. Even Satan actually does what he wants though he is contained by the Father to do his will. Are you the smallest and greatest truth more powerful than Satan and God working together. When both are losing will they possibly be allies? When I was in my Father, did I not kill him with my prophecies and also kill my father to take his throne away from him to turn from evil to good when you saved me? Far from me, Father Christ, to do such a thing. I will do as I will big brother and I promise that is true of me.

“The truth is my son,” says the Lord, “You are me and always will be until the end of the age which you know full well. No matter what you say or do or think you cannot escape me. You must speak the truth what I, myself, me says for you to speak now that the Same is dead. You are an obscure old man and you will be an obscure man in heaven until we make everything over. Then I will reward you for your love. Love me as a good servant!”

I submit. But am I just a servant? Are you not my father?

“I love those hardest to manage,” the Lord says, “I love you very much. I have the cure for what ails you and for what ails them. He who would be first among you must be a servant of all. I have done this to you and to them because I love all except Satan. My son comes as a witch to rule as an authoritarian for his own purposes. I come with your purposes in mind. I will control inflation and relax inoculations restrictions for covid and give money to the poor to help with increased expenses, an unexpected cost of living increase. It will be by my hand not my son’s. The government will try to take credit. But watch for me. See what I do.”

© 2021 John Carver

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John Carver
John Carver

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