Respectful Determination

Respectful Determination

A Chapter by J. F. Charleston

A chapter before "A Revealing Love."


"Hey." Jacob said sitting down next to Lauren. Her hair was now blowing with the afternoon breeze. The sun baking their skin as it started to sink behind the tall trees in the distance.

"Hey." Lauren replied tucking some hair behind her ear. "Your friends are real nice."

"Yeah, they are. It didn't take me long to become friends."

"I can believe that." They both smile at one another.


The sound of doors closing made both of them look back. The others were starting to load up the fishing gear.

"See you guys later." Morgan said from Peter's red Dodge. His was a 1997 and had a lift kit installed, lifting the truck about three inches.

"See ya." Jacob waved at his friends. They all left him and Lauren alone.


"So...Now what?" Lauren asked as she eyed Jacob. His blonde, crew cut head shined and his eyes were turning into saphires. Crickets started chirping and the sun was emitting peach and gold rays on to the white clouds.

"Would you like to stay out longer?" He asked her.

"Yes..." She smiled and they started leaning closer to one another.


"No." Jacob said turning away before their lips touched. Lauren was confused at his actions. He just stared away at the lake before him. "I'm sorry. I can't do that."

"Why not?" Lauren asked curiously taking his hand that sat in the dirt.

"It'll lead to something that isn't right." Jacob held his gaze.

"You're right."

"I want to do it, but something is nagging at me."

"I'm sorry that I put you into that position." Jacob looked at her.

"Don't be sorry." He looked into her eyes that reflected the fading sun.


He wrapped his arm around her, and she laid her head onto his chest. Stars started to shine as they sat there on the lake shore. The moon was bright and full.


"Thanks for the best first date I've ever had." Lauren said to Jacob who parked his truck in front of her house.

"You're welcome. I'd love to do it again sometime." Jacob smiled at her.

"I would, too. Goodnight."


She kissed Jacob's cheek and looked into his dark, blue eyes. "Thank you", she said in a low voice.


She climbed out of the truck and started walking to her front door. Lauren turned and looked at Jacob who was looking at her; then looked back at the house.

"Night." Jacob said from his truck. She turned and before she opened the wooden door, she blew Jacob a kiss. He caught the invisible kiss and put it to his chest.


Jacob drove off when Lauren closed the door behind her. She let a sigh out and walked up to her room undoing her brown, leather belt. Kristin was sitting on Lauren's bed when she walked into her room.


"So?" Kristin asked with wide eyes. Lauren looked at her, and set her belt down on her dresser.


"How was it? You were out all day."

"He was amazing! We went to lunch, then we met up with his friends at the lake. He helped me cast a fishing line." Lauren kicked off her boots.

"Sounds dreamy." Kristin teased.

"We almost kissed at sunset."


"That's what I thought. Last night he kissed me good night."

"Did he tell you why?"

"Yeah, he said he felt that one kiss would lead to something wrong."

"You didn't get it on in his truck?"

"No. We didn't. He loves God and he's determined to respect me. Even if we don't 'get it on'."

"Ok. What you want." Kristin walked out of Lauren's room.


Lauren slipped her jeans off and laid down onto the bed. The pillows were cool and comfy. The events of the day played in her hand like a movie. How Jacob helped her to cast a line, talking with Morgan, and how they didn't kiss in the sunset or get into his truck and make-out.




The sun brightened the grassy fields of Lauren's family ranch. It was about a week since she and Jacob last saw each other. He was stuck on her mind. She dreamed she'd be in his arms again. Sometimes when she laid on the porch swing that he would be coming down the road.


She pushed all thoughts of him aside for now, and rode back to the barn, bouncing up and down on her red Colt. The sound of the hoofs beating the wet ground filled her ears. The sun began to come out from the clouds as she got to the stable.


"Hey." Lauren heard a voice that she thought about all the time come from behind her. She set the harness down and turned around. Jacob was standing in the doorway with sun rays beating on his grey shirt.


"Jacob?" Lauren asked as she stared in wonder. "Am I imagining it's you?"

"No. I'm actually here." He said shaking his head. Lauren became speechless and started walking over to him. She touched him with her fingers, and ran them around his upperbody. As she looked up into his eyes, she saw the sparkle that she missed so dearly.


He smiled and took her into his arms. They felt strong and comforting...



© 2012 J. F. Charleston

Author's Note

J. F. Charleston
I hope you like this chapter like the others. Feedback is most appreciated.
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Great chapter!
Love the imagery, it really brings the writing to life.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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J. F. Charleston

10 Years Ago

Thanks, I strive to get the text to become like that. It gives the story a worth while feel. (If tha.. read more
Good chapter!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Excellent chapter!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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