Stranger in the Snow

Stranger in the Snow

A Story by JJ Richards

The story of a man who meets a girl with a past even hidden from herself, leading to a series of life changing events for him.


Kyle pulled a chair from the floor and turned it upside down before stacking it on the table in front of him. He looked out the window at the Midwest snowstorm that blew down the city streets. He felt cozy in the coffee shop, particularly knowing that he would soon have to walk home in the bone chilling weather.


“Hey Kyle, make sure to lock up on your way out.” His manager called on his way out.

“‘Kay” Kyle said waving him off.

A gust of cold air blew into the shop as his manager left for the evening. Although technically the manager was supposed to close, Kyle had worked there long enough to build a reputation, and often ended up closing the place up by himself. He took a towel from his back pocket and began to wipe the last table off, gently humming to himself. Just as he finished, he stacked a chair on the clean table, and then sat down in the last chair left out. He sighed and rubbed a hand through his orange fox hair. He slouched down in the wooden café seat and watched the snow dance and dash through the streets. It glistened in the street lamps, only to hurry off into the inky night, like commuters, bustling on to oblivion. I was nights like this that Kyle went back to the good old days, back to the times when he, his sister Angie, and best friend Chris would all play outside in the drifts till dark. He remembered his mother yelling at the trio to come in before the caught their death of cold; coming inside to a toasty fire and piping cup of cocoa. Then they’d laugh together until Chris’s mom would show up and take him home. This of course was followed by Kyle and Angie’s bedtime. 

            Kyle sighed and roused himself from his nostalgic coma and stacked the last chair on the empty spot on the table. Kyle walked by the window, picking up a stray cup left out, when he caught sight of something out in the cold. It was a girl and she was far less than adequately dressed for the weather. Kyle sprang to his feet and dashed to the door. He opened it wide; the icy wind blew right through him. He peered though the white, making sure he saw what he thought he did. Sure enough, there across the street, looking quite confused and shivering was a young woman dressed in only a one piece bathing suit. Kyle was a bit thrown off by her appearance but didn’t think twice before running out into the cold after her.

 “Hey!” he shouted over the wind.

She looked up at him and a look of fear ran across her face. She shied away as Kyle approached.

“It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

She still stepped back and shook her head.

“It’s okay, come with me. I’ll get you something hot to drink, you can warm up inside” he said motioning toward the coffee shop.

She looked at the warm building, then at Kyle, still severely frightened. She nodded and Kyle walked her across the street, into the café. He offered her a hot chocolate and his coat. She wrapped herself in his leather jacket and sipped the warm drink. Kyle sat across the small table and looked her over. She wouldn’t make eye contact with him, instead her emerald green eyes never left the table. Other than her odd dress, she looked like your average grey wolf; average height, weight, everything. Kyle cleared his throat and she glanced up at him, he smiled.

“So,” he said leaning closer, “What’s your name.”

She set the cup on the table in front her, liking her lips subtlety.

“Nara” she said in a soft voice.

Kyle’s ears perked up, she actually said something. “Well Nara, what were you doing out there?”

She looked away from Kyle, a strong look of fear on her face.

“I don’t know” she said still very softly.

Kyle frowned, puzzled, “Okay……. Do you have anyone you can call?”

Nara shook her head.

“Do you live nearby?” 

Nara shrugged.

“You don’t know?”

She shook her head.

“Can you remember anything? Age? Hometown? Parent’s names?”

Again Nara shook her head and then hung it low. He saw a small tear form in the corner of her shining green eyes and roll down her face. A look of mild annoyance, and yet compassion spread across Kyle’s fox face. He walked around the table and crouched down beside her so that his face was level with hers. She looked up at him, the fur around her eyes matted and damp.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, we’ll figure something out.” Kyle looked around the shop as though the walls would give him the answer that he was looking for. Kyle thought long and hard, then sighed, “Why don’t you just come home with me?”

She looked up at him, a small smile spread across her face, in spite of tears still running down her cheeks.

“Thank you” she squeaked.

Kyle smiled and went back to work, and when he had finished, he locked up the shop and held her close to him as they walked back to his apartment.


Kyle walked her up the stairs to his unit and stuck his key in the door. He opened the faded green door and reached for the light switch. A dim bulb lit up, filling the room with its weak glow. Despite the poorly maintained exterior, the interior was modern, almost styled. A black leather couch sat opposite a wall mounted TV and an oak, glass-top coffee table. Kyle walked Nara inside and set his backpack down on the wooden kitchen wet bar, along with his keys. Nara looked around the small room, taking in every sight, slowly, cautiously.

“So,” Kyle said from across the room, “You hungry?”


Nara nodded and Kyle motioned for Nara to take a seat at the kitchen table, which she did. Kyle went to work, trying to throw a dinner together with what he had available, which wasn’t much. In the end he had a dinner for two, pork chops, rice, and sautéed asparagus. Not fancy by any stretch of the imagination, but it would fill them up. As the pair sat, Kyle incessantly picked at the conundrum of Nara’s mind. He asked a barrage of questions, ranging anywhere from favorite color, to her childhood, to her favorite food. Some of the answers where helpful, others, not so much. The rigorous mind picking, left him less than content, and a tad upset; he hadn’t learned any more about this mystery girl.


Kyle rose from the table, cleared the dishes, and showed Nara to his bedroom.

“You can sleep here, if you want to you can wear these.” Kyle tossed her a pair of sweats and a plain white t-shirt, both of which would be far too big for her. “We’ll see how you are in the morning and go from there.”

Nara looked around the room and then gave Kyle a puzzled look, “Where will you sleep.”

“The couch” he replied, “It’s comfy enough. Get some sleep, we’ll talk in the morning.” He said smiling. Kyle then turned and closed the door. Kyle stood there a moment and scratched the back of his head and sighed looking at the couch which he lied about being comfortable. He stripped to his boxers and lay down, pulling the throw over the top of him. He tossed and turned for a while before flipping on the television to a low volume. He watched one of the numerous cheesy horror flicks that the Sci-fi Channel aired seemingly round the clock. It wasn’t long before sleep found Kyle and he drifted off into dreamland.


Kyle awoke the next morning to the TV still on, quietly playing a show that Kyle had never heard of. He picked up the remote and switched it off, the rose to a sitting position with a groan. He scratched the back of his head and then shifted uncomfortably as a sharp pain pinched his lower back.

“Goddamnit,” he growled, scolding himself for sleeping where he did, “Would have been better off on the floor.”


Kyle got up and walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of Mountain Dew, and took a large gulp from it. He was still in his boxers, morning wood tugging at the fabric. He turned around and shuffled across the linoleum floor over to the bathroom, which sat just outside the bedroom. Kyle’s apartment was a single bedroom, with a massive kitchen/living room, complete with a wet-bar. He flipped on the light switch and closed the door behind him. He ran cold water into the sink and splashed it on his face. He shook his head to try and wake up a little. Kyle starred at himself in the mirror. Not but two years ago he started this job as a supplement for his writing career which, to his dismay, still hadn’t taken off. Before he knew it, two years had gone by and he looked much older than he used to; he looked tired. He always appeared as though he hadn’t quite gotten enough sleep, and in most cases he hadn’t, but he always somehow pulled off a look that got him enough female attention to satisfy someone his age.


He walked over to the shower and turned it on. After a moment he stepped in and just let the warm water cascade down his body, wrapping him in a warm embrace. He inhaled deeply, letting the steam fill his lungs. He felt all the muscles in his body relax, and the tension in his shoulders and back loosen. He rolled his neck, letting the water run over his face. After a few minutes of this he soaped up, rinsed off, and toweled off. He opened up the bathroom door and almost leapt backward. Nara stood outside the door in the sweats and shirt he had given her the night before. He scratched the back of his head, a nervous habit.

“Um, good morning” he stammered.

“Good morning, sleep well?” she asked hands behind her back in an almost child-like fashion.

“For the most part, you sleep okay?” Nara nodded,

“You hungry?”

Again Nara nodded.

Kyle smiled, “Okay I’ll makes something, but first I’m gonna get dressed.”

Kyle walked by Nara and into the bedroom. The wall directly in front of him had a full length mirror that ran from floor to ceiling. He looked at Nara in the mirror and could swear he saw her biting her lower lip as she looked him over in his towel when he walked by. Kyle wheeled around and simply saw the scrawny wolf all but trot into the next room. Kyle stood there a moment, looking into empty space, his mind busy sorting things out. It was quite a turn around in behavior from the night before. He shrugged and closed the door. Kyle threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt before he went out to make breakfast. He prepared an English breakfast; eggs, toast, beans, bacon, and tomato.  He set out a plate in front of Nara and another in front of him. He watched her as he ate. She immediately picked up her fork and knife in a European fashion.

“Interesting.” Kyle said to himself. Nara looked up at him, questioning look on her face. “Well you picked up the fork and knife the way you did right away,  it does mean that you have some form of etiquette taught to you. That may mean you came from an old fashioned family? Wealthy? Foreign?” Nara smiled and shrugged

“Maybe, either way, I still don’t remember.”

The two finished their meal in silence, and Kyle took the dishes away after they had finished and washed them. Nara simply watched, a little odd to Kyle. It was like a child watching their mother or father perform simple chores around the house. When all was said and done Kyle walked into the living room and sat on the couch, Nara sat on the other end, and looked over at him, even though his attention was on the television. It took him a moment to notice that she was starring. He looked over at her and frowned. Nara giggled and turned her attention to the television. Kyle shrugged, and turned his attention to the TV as well.



            Days passed by and before long Nara had become quite comfortable in the apartment. The two would stay up late chatting about what amounted to nothing; they’d laugh over breakfast, and make small talk over dinner. However, recently Nara and Kyle had taken to evening walks around the town. They’d walk around the city streets, through shopping areas just to look in the windows, by the bakery to enjoy the smell of fresh bread, and into the coffee shop where Kyle worked to warm up with a steamy drink. Tonight though they made a trip to the video store, the cable was out and, in the winter there isn’t much to do when the TV is out. The pair walked up to the store and Kyle held the door open for Nara.

“After you.” He said motioning with a smile.

Nara giggled, “Why thank you.”


The pair walked inside and began to browse through all the different films. They walked along the new releases, and didn’t find anything that interested them. Then they continued on to the action flicks. They found one or two things that they liked but in the end moved on. Foreign films, thrillers, dramas, documentaries, made for TV movies, and finally romance. Kyle decided to let Nara look through them. To be honest, the last thing he wanted to watch was a chick-flick, but, as of late he found that he had a soft spot for Nara, and unusually soft spot, which meant that she usually got her way. Nara was scanning through films, pointing out the sappy or just plain pathetic titles of the films when she froze. She frowned and stared at one movie in particular. She drew closer to the case and just starred at it. Kyle turned to look at her.

“Hey get a load of thi-, what’s the matter?”

She looked back at him, “Nothing” she said in concentrated  tone shaking her head,

“It’s just that, I know I love this movie.”

“Yeah, and?” Kyle said in a “no duh” tone.

“Kyle” she said smiling “I know I love this movie.”

Kyle stood there, still not making the connection.

“I remember I love this movie. I remember!!”

Kyle’s jaw dropped, and a huge grin spread across his face. He dashed over to her and hugged her tight. The two of them laughed together and Nara could all but control herself. That’s when he heard someone clear their throat. He turned and saw a man starting at them.

“You ok man?” he asked

“Um, yeah sorry its just she remembered somthi- you know what it’s a long story, never mind.”

The man frowned and stared cautiously at Kyle. The clerk rented Kyle his movie and they left, but not before the clerk threw one more worried glance at the pair. Kyle turned to Nara.

“What’s his problem?”

Nara shrugged “Let’s go.”


The two walked home, in high spirits, and when they arrived at his apartment Kyle took her coat and then they sat on the couch. Kyle put the movie in and Nara pulled the throw from the back of the sofa and draped it over her legs. Kyle sat on the other end and hit a button on the remote to start the movie. Right after the open credits started to roll, Kyle felt Nara snuggle up against him. He looked down at her surprised and almost moved away, but she just looked up into his eyes and smiled that cute, innocent, pure smile of hers and Kyle draped and arm over her shoulder. She laid her head on his chest and rested her hand on his, giving it a gentle squeeze. He turned his hand over and held Nara’s in his. This small action caused her to pull even closer to Kyle, and he pulled the throw over his legs too.


            The movie was a classic romance, full of predictable plots, circumstances that tugged on the heartstrings, and a sappy touchy-feely-lovey-dovey ending that made Nara begin to bawl. Kyle tried to keep from laughing at the stereotypical response, but as with everything Nara, it was cute. Just at the end credits began to roll, Kyle leaned forward to the coffee and pulled a box of Kleenexes and handed it to Nara. She smiled and took one to dry her eyes. Kyle grinned right back at her. Then that feeling came up again, that warm fuzzy, calming yet invigorating feeling that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.



A couple of days later Kyle found himself standing in the cue at the bank, waiting to cash his paycheck. Nara of course, was standing beside him, about as attentive as a five year old. Her head snapped around the room taking in the large domed ceiling, the art on the walls, the imitation granite columns that ran up and down the walls of the building. Kyle looked down at her, and her fascination with practically everything made him smile. She turned her rather short attention to Kyle and smiled back. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face against his arm and gave him a squeeze.

“Next!” the teller shouted from the window.

Kyle pried Nara off his arm and walked up to the window.

“Need to deposit this.” He said handing over his check.

The teller went to work, then a thought entered Kyle’s mind, he looked down at Nara, then back to the teller.

“Actually let me withdraw one hundred.” He said with a smile.

The teller typed some things on a computer, asked for a password, and then counted back his money and placed it in an envelope before handing it to Kyle. He tucked the cash in the inside breast pocket of his coat then held out his arm for Nara, and she took it. The pair walked down the city streets, the weather having been a little milder made it a bearable stroll. Kyle drew glances from people as they walked, but he shrugged them off, barely noticing them. The area’s quaint shopping district was littered with bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, some of which Kyle had been to; most he hadn’t. They walked up to a small plaza. A large mosaic covered the area, which was speckled with patio tables for the various businesses. In the center was a beautiful fountain, a black one with a depiction of Poseidon riding three horses made of water. In the bottom was an assortment of coins. Nara starred down into the pool and pulled herself against Kyle. He wrapped an arm around her. Then he had an idea. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a quarter. He held it on his thumb and index finger ready to flip it.

“Worth a shot.” He said with a smile.

Kyle closed his eyes and wished, “I wish Nara could remember,” then he thought about all the time they had spent together, and that feeling welled up inside him again. “And if she doesn’t, I wish she feels the same way I do.”

He flipped the coin into the air, a metallic ring emanating from it, and it dropped into the water, with a small splash.

“What’d you wish for?” Nara asked curious.

“Oh that’s a secret”

“Come on! Tell me.”



“If I tell you it won’t come true.” He said

“If you don’t I won’t let you hear the end of it.” Nara said with a giggle.

Kyle laughed and pulled her in for a hug as the two of them walked side by side down the walk.



            After another week had gone by, they hadn’t made any progress on her memory, which was a bit demoralizing. That having been said, Kyle was more than happy to have Nara for company. It was nice to have someone to come home to; living alone had its downsides. Tonight was one such night. Kyle got off work and walked the short distance home in the cool night air. He opened the door and Nara was there in a flash.

“Hey Kyle!” she said in a bubbly voice.

“Hey Nara, how was your day.”

“Not too bad, got the mail!” she said handing Kyle a stack of envelopes.

“Did you remember anything today?”

Nara’s smile weakened a little, and she shook her head. Kyle walked over to her and lifted her chin to look him in the eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll remember eventually.”

Nara giggled and threw her arms around Kyle and hugged him tight. Kyle smiled and hugged her back. When she finally let go he walked over to the counter and threw the mail down on top of it.

“Remember that envelope of money I gave you to buy something nice with?”

Nara nodded

“Did you get anything?”

She nodded again.

“Good, go put it on we’re going out tonight.”

Nara giggled and ran off to put on what ever it was that she bought. Kyle shook his head, sometimes he couldn’t believe that a woman her age acted like such a child, but it was cute, and to be honest Kyle liked that aspect of her. He went through the mail, plenty of bills, and some junk mail. Kyle sighed and put it all in the drawer that was the final resting place for just about anything that didn’t have someplace it belonged. He took a glass from the cabinet and got himself some water. He sipped on his glass when he heard Nara clear her throat. He turned around to se her standing in a black dress that ended just above the knees. It was a strapless dress that had a wrap that draped gently across her shoulders. Kyle sputtered and coughed as he choked on his water. He put his glass down on the counter and looked her over again. He hadn’t noticed that she was wearing makeup earlier; she had black eye shadow that was accented with a little blue and glitter. She folded her hands in front of her and twisted her shoulders back and forth like a little girl, proud of the way she looked.  

“Wow,” He remarked with raised eyebrows, “You look great!”

Nara giggled, “I was hoping you’d think so”

Kyle smiled, then looked down at his appearance, realizing that he should probably spiff up himself. He walked out of the room toward the bedroom to change clothes.

“I’m gonna go clean up.” he said.

“’Kay” Nara replied planting herself on the couch to wait.


Kyle walked into his bedroom and closed the door, and he opened his closet. He was going to have to work to look even presentable next to Nara. He pulled out a pair of jeans, boot cut, and a black button down shirt. He walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He toweled off and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked a little disheveled, his fur a little scruffy and unkempt, and deep circles still glued to his eyes. He pulled a comb from a cup on his bathroom sink, and a pair of scissors. He combed the fur on his face and head, trimming the ends to clean up a bit. He brushed his teeth, and slapped some cologne on his face, and buttoned up the shirt. He looked himself over in the mirror. He looked clean, but too not relaxed enough. He unbuttoned one more button on his shirt, opening it up a bit. Satisfied he opened the door; Nara was waiting just outside. Kyle jumped backward.

“Jesus Christ! You’ve gotta stop doing that!” he screamed.

Nara giggled, looking him over. “You make it so easy though.”

Kyle smiled, “Yeah, yeah. Wanna get going?”

Nara nodded vigorously, and the pair left.


            Kyle got to the restaurant, Nara hanging on his arm, as was the norm for her. The pair walked up to the host.

“Do you have a reservation sir?”

“Yes, Kyle Shaleman”

The host looked over his list a moment, the nodded, “Yes of course, will any one else be joining you?”

Kyle frowned, “No, just us.”

The host frowned back at him, giving him the same look the video clerk gave him “Very well, if you will follow me please.”

The two were lead to a table, tucked away at the back of the restaurant. Kyle pulled out a chair for Nara who smiled and thanked him. Kyle looked up at the host who was starring at him incessantly. Kyle raised an eyebrow and the man looked away. Kyle sat down, and the man laid menus down on the table and left, walking away briskly. Kyle leaned in toward Nara.

‘What’s his problem?”

Nara shrugged and placed a hand on his arm, “Don’t worry about him, weirdoes are everywhere.”

Kyle chuckled and picked up his menu.  


            Kyle ordered a steak dinner, but Nara just ordered a salad. They two talked and ate, and about a 45 min and half a bottle of wine later Kyle had finished eating. He looked to Nara who hadn’t eaten a bite of her food.

“You ok?” Kyle asked

“Oh, just not hungry, that’s all.” She said with a grin.

Kyle shrugged.

The waiter walked up to the table, “How was everything?”

“Great!” Kyle replied, “Can we get the check.”


The waiter nodded and dashed off to retrieve the bill.  Kyle looked at Nara, and she smiled back at him, gently resting her chin in her hand. He looked back into her eyes; the jewel like glow to them sparkled in the light of the restaurant. Then that feeling welled up in him again, an unshakeable force that expanded inside him, from his core, swelling up into his stomach, twisting it in knots. The waiter returned with a check and Kyle paid with cash leaving him a generous tip, before grabbing Nara’s coat from the back of her chair and holding it up for her to put on. She smiled and slipped one arm in each sleeve. Kyle Put on his own blazer and walked with Nara out of the restaurant, out on to the cold streets. They began to walk back to Kyle’s apartment. It wasn’t far away, only about four blocks, but the bite of the wind made it seem much longer than it was. Although Kyle kept an eye on where he was going, he also kept a close eye on Nara. He couldn’t describe the way she made him feel. It was a feeling that had escaped Kyle long ago, and was now making its way back to him, seeping through the cracks in his heart reigniting the fire within. They walked up the steps to the apartment, and Kyle opened the door. The door creaked closed behind them and Kyle reached for the light, but a hand caught his before it reached it. He felt Nara press her body against his; sliding her fingers between his, clasping his hand tightly. Kyle couldn’t see her in the inky black, but he could feel her. The warmth of her body spreading through his was invigorating. Her scent hung on the air, a gentle mixture of perfume and the sweet natural aroma that hung about her.

“I had a great time tonight” he heard her whisper in a sultry voice

“Me too”

Their words hung on the air, which was thick with the tension that hung between them. Kyle couldn’t stand it any longer, his very spirit demanded it. He leaned down and pressed his lips against Nara’s. She inhaled sharply through her nose, and her arms went to his neck immediately. She ran her hands through the fur on the back of his head as her tongue explored the reaches of Kyle’s maw. Kyle’s hands went to her hips, and he pulled her closer to himself. The pair fell back against a wall and the temperature seemed to rise and their passion was released. The two broke only for a short gasp. Their eyes fluttered open and in the dark, a dim light sneaking through the curtains made Nara’s eyes sparkle and glitter in the dark. The electrical spark between them drew them back together like a magnet. Kyle let his hands slide below her rump and he lifted her off the ground. Nara’s legs snapped around his hips and locked behind his back. Kyle walked to the bedroom, never letting his lips leave hers. He laid her gently on the bed and ran his lips along her neck, kissing her gently. Her legs remained locked behind his back and as soft moans escaped her.



            In the dark Kyle listened to her sleep. The musky scent of passion hung on the air thick. Normally Kyle would have been off, deep in dreamland by know. But Nara had left him awake, electricity still running up and down his spine. Her back pressed against his chest, he could feel her breathing against him, the gentle rise and fall of her shoulders. He let his lips find the back of the ear, which flapped against his face in revolt. Nara moaned softly and turned her head to Kyle, a gentle smile snaked across her lips.

“What’s the matter?”

“Can’t sleep” Kyle said

Nara rolled over and brushed his lips, giving a gentle kiss.

A beam of light from a street lamp outside Kyle’s window found a crack in the curtains and sliced through the dark across the bed. Nara’s eyes almost glowed in the dark, sparkling at the slightest presence of light. In fact if you put her in a room completely void of light, Kyle was sure you’d still be able to find her, just follow the sparkle. Kyle gently caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, and Nara smiled pushing back into it. She ducked her head and pressed against his chest, and she closed her eyes. Kyle knew more than ever how he really felt. He extended his neck, so his lips just barely brushed the edge of her ear. Then he gently whispered the words,

“I love you Nara.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment.

“Nara?” he said again.

Kyle looked down to see her sound asleep, a gentle smile on her lips. Kyle chuckled quietly. He laid his head down and fell asleep listening to the gentle sound of traffic outside his apartment.


            Kyle woke slowly, his vision blurred as he was pulled from a groggy state. Images of the night before floated through his mind and brought a grin to his face. He reached over to Nara, but was met with an empty mess of sheets. Kyle sat up, and looked around. Nara was no where to be found. Kyle wasn’t worried though, she always got up before him. He got out of bed and threw on a pair of pants. He shuffled out of the bedroom into the kitchen expecting to see Nara with a cup of coffee, just waiting on him. However, the kitchen was silent and the coffee pot empty. A flush of fear welled up inside Kyle.

“Nara?” he shouted running into the bathroom,

“Nara!” he checked every where in the apartment, but she wasn’t there. Kyle stuffed himself into a shirt and ran to the kitchen table to get his keys. He reached for them, but stopped short. There on the table was an envelope, and in Nara’s handwriting was written Kyle’s name. He shakily reached for the envelope and opened it. Inside was the money that Kyle had given Nara for her dress. He set that aside, and pulled out a newspaper article. The title read “Young Woman Stabbed to Death on Busy Street Kyle skimmed the article, and flipped it over, on the back, in black and white, was a picture of Nara. Kyle turned white. He read the article beginning to end. It said Nara was walking back from a swim at the community center when she was stabbed 16 times, right out side the coffee shop where Kyle worked, by her boyfriend. She bled out in street, with the man standing over her mocking her weakness. Kyle looked to the top of the page for the date, he felt sick, it happened 10 years ago. He looked back at the picture, Nara looked just like the girl in the photo. He collapsed into a chair, his mind raced. He found her in a swimsuit, everyone looked at him like he was crazy when they went out, she never bought a dress, not a person they ran into spoke a word directly to Nara, she wasn’t visible to anyone but Kyle, she was dead. The envelope slipped from Kyle’s hand and clattered to the floor. Kyle glanced down, fighting back tears, struggling to keep from vomiting, when he noticed a third item. He picked up the envelope and pulled out a small slip of paper, folded in half. He opened it, written in the most beautiful hand, were four words.


                                                “I Love you too”

© 2011 JJ Richards

Author's Note

JJ Richards
All my stories contain Anthromorphs, if you aren't sure what that is look up anthromorph or furry on wikipedia

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Added on April 28, 2011
Last Updated on April 28, 2011
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JJ Richards
JJ Richards

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I'm a Midwestern student, going to a community college looking to transfer to a four year college going after my journalism degree and later my masters. I'm a furry at heart, and am one of the few st.. more..