The Legend of Jane pt.1

The Legend of Jane pt.1

A Story by J.J Blake

Jane White is a powerful Pyschic Warrior. The first in many generations. Thor a stranger, claiming to be from antoher realm,comes to her town. Will Jane fall for him?


I think part of me knew that this would happen, the
second that I saw him. I knew that his world burned too
bright and moved too fast. I could never be apart of his
world like I wanted to be. I know that the worst part
wasn't losing him,
it was losing me.

August 17, 2012-Present Day-Shield station

I roll up my t-shirt and inject myself with the substitute elxir. The substance flowing into my veins felt like a river of power.

But this is suppose to help me control my newfound powers. Not advance it.

My name is Jane White. I used to be a weather scienctist, but now I am a weapons expert aboard the Shield station on the ground in a secret goverment area I'm not allowed to put on paper (Lets just call it Work vile.)

In Workville I wake up from dreaming about a castle,to injecting myself with my power elxir.When I'm on this elxir, I feel like Dr.Jekyell and Mr.Hyde. Not a good feeling if you can't control it.

I stand up from sitting on my bed and strech my arms over my head, my bones popping. I step up to my dresser and start brushing my hair, my usual routine. I look up at my mirror and see the picture of me and my father. My late father.

My father died from cancer a few months ago. I miss him terribly. He died right after Thor left.

I shake my head, trying vainly to clear away thoughts of Thor. Thor is the god of thunder, now in his kingdom of Azgod. He left almost a year ago after promising to return for me. He never did return though.

I know now that he didn't return for a reason. He didn't love me and his world wouldn't accept me. Even though I know this, whenever there is a storm I look up to the sky, hoping stupidly for him to come back for me.

I had loved him for who he was. Sometimes I still feel my love for him. But mostly I have blocked all feelings for him.

I quickly get dressed in black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and black platform boots. And to top of my outfit I have a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a pyschic eye.

When I arrive at my station the alarm goes off, signaling an attack.


I rush back to my cabin and quickly pack up all my valubles. My mother and father's picture,some of my shoes and clothes, and finally a shard fromthe glass that held the posion that my mother drank.

A pole stands in my room close to the wall so I can practice my karate moves.You'll see why this is so important in a second.

My cabin door opens and a man holding a gun comes in firing away. I duck and roll out of the way of the bullets. I grab ahold of the pole and drop my bag, making myself as light as possible. I fling myself up and run across the part of the wall that the pole is in front of, swinging round and kicking the gun out of the man's hand. He drops and quickly grabs my bag and runs.

I curse and pick up the man's gun and follow him, on his heels.

He runs down the hallway that leads to the garage where my jeep is.
I speed up and grab my bag from him and surprisingly my feet didn't-doesn't hurt at all.
But never mind that. I jump into my jeep,the last one in the garage.
I start it and peel out of there when a bomb goes off inside.
I press a button on my dashboard and the garage doors open.


Chapter two: a wish fullied

So Shield invites me aboard there flying station and I accept eagerly.
When I arrive at the station the leader of Shield shows me around. When I am shown my cabin I unpack and sit on my new bed,thinking.
What happened at the other station?
It is a question that I hope will get answered.

I arrive at my station when I am summoned to a meeting.

I sit down at the only empty seat with my coffee.
"Welcome,Jane White." a handsome man says from next to me.

"Hello" I reply to him with a smile. He has black hair that curls at his neck and lovely brown eyes. He is dressed in head to toe black.

"Jane White, the unit could use your pyschic skills. That is why we've invited you onboard." Nick Fury says to me.

I set my coffee on the table in front of me and stand up swiftly. "What's the unit?" I ask looking at everyone in turn.

"The Avenger unit."


My eyes go wide and I sit down trying to clear my thoughts.

So the Avenger unit IS real.

It would consist of the greatest heros the world has ever seen.  

What if I were to join the unit, helping them with the world attack I saw in my last vision?

I would finally make my mom proud of me.

Everyday I know that my mom watches over me, with digust on her face.

When she was alive she once told me that I was a dissapointment to our family. That day I decided that I would make her proud of me.

She was proud of my sister, but never of me. When my sister died my mother killed herself in vain.

Enough about that, now back to the present.

Nick is still waiting for my answer, so I stand up again and strech up to my full height.

"Only on one conditon." I say.

"Name it." Nick says.

"I will join the Avengers as one of them." 


"You don't know how to fight." Nick says bluntly. He has no clue.

"As you don't know, I am a pyschic, but I am also a warrior. Pyschic Warrior is my title." I say sitting down again. 


I grab the bar above and wrap my hands tightly around it, the cold metal a kiss on my palms.

I haul myself up till my chin is past the bar. I then drop down and repeat. And repeat and repeat and repeat.  
When I am done I drop down and land crouched on the ground.

Nick fury is waiting for me when I look up. I wipe my hands on my sweat pants and smile at him.

"What's up?" I say streching.

"I need your help." He says walking toward me.

I laugh at that. "Doesn't everybody?" I reply.

"I need you to talk to a man for me. To make him join the Avengers." Nick says handing me a folder full of information.

"What's his name?" I ask flipping through the pictures of the man in question. The pictures look fimilar but I can not recall his name.

"Tony Stark,otherwise known as Iron Man."



I pull up at Stark indetruies and climb out of my jeep. Don't ask how I got to my jeep,because you don't want to know.


 I step out of the elevator and Tony Stark sees me.

We shake hands and we sit down on the couches.

I open up the folder and set it on the coffee table in front of me.

"Mr. Stark, I have joined the Avenger unit,and I must say, we need your expertise." I say.


 "I have predicted a war coming our way. And it isn't going to be a typical war." I reply.

"So your a pyschic." He states. It isn't a question.

"Yes, a Pyschic Warrior. First in my family." I smile widely, thinking about the first day that I got my powers.

"A Pyschic Warrior? What's a Pyschic Warrior?" He asks confused.

Oh yeah, he is only used to science. Go figure.

"I can only tell you if you join the Avengers and fight with us."

"I'll join, but only on one condition." he says.

"Name it."

"You give me a reading."

A reading? I haven't done a reading in years. But, what the hay, might as well.



So Tony joins us onboard the station. He and I become good friends over a few days.

He confides in me about his almost death. And I confide in him about my family and past.

We train together side by side, when Nick wants me to talk to another Avenger. The first one to be exact. Any guesses? Yep, Captin America. Otherwise known as Steve Rogers.


I arrive at the gym where Nick said Steve would be.

Steve is punching away at a punching bag. I smile at this.

"Working out?" I say.

He turns his head to look at me. Stopping for a moment he stares at me. Probaly because of my pale skin. And my tattoos of course.

"Yeah, and you are?" he demands.

"Jane White, Pyschic Warrior. And you are Steve Rogers, known as Captin America" I reply.

"Yep, what do you want?"

"For you to join the Avengers."


"No way."

"And why not?" I demand.

"Because. I don't want to." He replies.

"What if I told you that without your help the world would be doomed?"  I challenge

"I wouldn't believe you." 

"Then willl you believe it if I showed you your future?"


So Steve joins the Avengers after I showed him his future.

Steve, Tony, black Widow and Bruce banner(Also known as the hulk) and I become good friends and we all train together.


One day the alarm goes off and we rush together.

We are met by Nick and are told that Hawkeye is attacking the station.

"I'll go and fight him. You guys find a way to repair the damage."  I say quickly.

"What damage?" Tony says in a rush.

A explosion starts and we all cover our heads as pieces from the celieng fall down on us.  

"That damage. Get going!"


I run through the entire station. Checking for Hawkeye. Black Widow follows behind me as I do.

I spot Hawkeye about to release another arrow. I call out to him, "Hawkeye! Stop!" He realeses the arrow and it explodes.

I crouch down and give a silent prayer up to God. Asking him for the power to stop Hawkeye.

I jump out of the station window and land on Hawkeye's air craft.

I then relize that we're not alone. Someone is driving the craft.

I turn to the driver and gasp.

It's Thor's adopted brother, Loki.


 I throw Hawkeye to the ground and grab Loki by the throat.

"What are you doing here,Loki?" I growl.

I don't waste anytime, I hog tie Loki and Hawkeye and I hoist Loki onto my back while I carry Hawkeye.

I jump back onboard the ship and put Hawkeye and Loki in cells.

Loki is laughing like a maniac when I set him down. I don't untie him for good measure.


When all the damage is fixed or at least under control I tell everyone about the Warrior's forest.

It's where one goes to gain power or give up someone's power to God.

We fly over the forest about to land when the door suddenly opens and guess who comes in? Thor. My old love. He grabs Loki and they take off out the helies door.

Tony takes off after them in his Iron Man suit. I follow by jumping out the door and it closing behind me.

I spiral in the air and land on the hill side just a few feet away from where Thor and Tony are fighting.

Thor hits Tony square in the face with his hammer and I roll my eyes. Typical men. Fighting for power.

I hold out my hand and close my eyes focusing on Thor's hammer.

Here in this forest, I RULE. No one who's not a pyschic can be in control. This is my turn to fight. I say a silent prayer and I feel cold steel aganist my left hand. I open my eyes and there it is. Thor's hammer. The source of his power.

Tony then punches Thor in the stomach and he goes flying. I hold out my right hand and take away Tony's power. His power floats in my hand as a ball of pure light.

Thor looks at me. And so does Tony.

"Jane?" Thor says in his deep voice, rumbling aganist the wind.       

The wind pushes back my hair so my pale face is clearly visable aganist the full moon that is shining down on me.

"Yes, it is me." I say in a dark voice that matched the forest.

I am so good at this.



So Thor joins the Avengers in the upcoming war.

Loki, is out there somewhere palnning his next attack.

With the help of everyone's energy I keep tabs on Loki as much as I can. With energy I can do pretty much anything.

One night I am up training because I can't sleep, doing pull ups when Thor joins me.

"Jane. Why aren't you sleeping?" Thor asks when I drop down from the high bar.

"I could ask you the same thing. If you must know, I couldn't sleep." I say wiping my hands on my daisy dukes. I then cross my arms over my chest.

"Me neither." He says just staring at me. I roll my eyes and start doing my streches.

"So what did you want?" I ask.

"I need to tell you Jane. I missed you so much and I miss being with you." Thor says in a rush.

 "We were never together. We might have kissed but that doesn't mean that we were ever together." I say, wishing my heart would stop racing.

 "Let me kiss you Jane. Please. Let me show you." He says moving toward me.

I take a step backwards and another. "No." I say trying to make myself believe it.

"Please Jane."

"No." I say again.

I take another step backwards and come up aganist a wall.

Thor cups my face in his hands and leans toward me, my heart racing. This is it. If we kiss now I'll end up missing him.

I don't care. All I care about is right now.

I feel his lips come aganist mine so tenderly that I could feel his love for me. He really did miss me.

I sigh and wrap my arms around his neck and press against him so that my mouth crushes aganist him.

He wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up and swings me around.

© 2013 J.J Blake

Author's Note

J.J Blake
Please ignore grammar problems untill I can fix them. And Thor and Jane belong to Marvel Comics

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