Assassin's Assassin: Roman Blood

Assassin's Assassin: Roman Blood

A Story by John Morris

Sarah has been sent to Rome to find a possible Incentive member Gurhst. The only problem is how does she assassinate him in a coliseum when he is next to Julius Caesar?


Assassin's Assassin: 

Roman Blood

Rome is my playground. I love coming here; it allows me to feel free, watching gladiators tear each other to shreds without anyone unnecessary emotional baggage. No fear that the police will spring at me from around the corner.

The city too is remarkable, especially the years preceding the first millennium, where the Roman Empire is reaching its peak. I find pleasure walking through the tightly packed cobbled streets, filled with the aroma of freshly picked food. The striking Roman buildings look like they can stand the test of time, especially the coliseum. The vast circular building that must have taken decades to complete, standing magnificent as the centre of this great city. This great city from where the Roman Empire started as a small settlement, growing to encompass a massive amount of land.

            Of course my reason for visiting is not sightseeing, even if I do indulge with the occasional tourist activity, when in Rome. I do enjoy trying the local cuisine however you should exercise a considerable amount of leeway here as we have had another two thousand years to perfect the art of cooking. Nevertheless, I enjoy tasting the food, just need to remember to purify the water.

The reason of my visit is that the base has received some intelligence on a supposed Incentive member, Agustan Gurhst. A plump, bald figure that, I am told, spends the majority of his time with Julius Caesar, a fact that could prove problematic when it comes to the assassination. Another problem on my hands at the moment is the lack of equipment due to the time period. I know someone might notice something but who cares? It will make my life a considerable amount easier than having to look for the fat man being fed grapes by two beautiful women, or is that just a myth? My only tools available are my hands, a knife that I stole a few streets back and my camouflaged time machine watch.  

            I suppose mentioning that getting through the tightly packed market streets is also difficult. The Romans obviously had no plans for automobiles or personal space. On top of that my outfits, no matter which one I wear, send signals to locals implying that I have money, so someone is invariably trying to sell me something. Luckily my Latin is sophisticated enough to tell them to back off, politely of course. Whilst it may be a dead language back home it is invaluable here.

            It has taken nearly half an hour to pass through the densely packed market. Admittedly, it was worth it as I now gaze towards the grand coliseum shadows the city with its unimaginable size, spanning miles in length and width, a colossal building that is a triumph of human creation. Trying to find Gurhst inside is going to be complicated. Still it is not in my nature to give up.

I glide through the archway leading to the inside, passing a couple of Roman warriors who let me pass, noting how sexy they are. I pass into the stands. Thousand of Romans stand cheering the slaves being torn apart by the Gladiators. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the majority of the butchery. Only a few slaves are still fighting and those are being forced into the center by the gladiators.


The smell is ghastly, not only does the rotting public corrode the atmosphere but the corpses underneath us in the blood works are not aiding the ailing odour and we are told off for Global warming.

I pass into the stands, surveying the coliseum for a minute, finding it difficult to concentrate thanks to the roaring noise of the crowd. I notice a box on the other side which Caesar is sitting gleefully watching the proceedings. Sitting behind him is my man Gurhst eating some unusual mystery meat. Now all I need to do is to eliminate him from the opposite side of the coliseum.

The gladiators continue to thin out the slaves. Only a couple are let standing now. I suppose I could feel sorry for them but it is awfully good entertainment. I swear Caesar is meant to give thumbs up or down to decide whether the slaves should survive but so far that has not happened. I continue through the crowd who seem to cower in fear as I passed by. I should research my outfits more; someone made me believe that wearing a toga is the in thing in ancient Rome. Nearly half way towards him now, I just need to think of a plausible way to eliminate him. I could force him off the balcony and into the fight below though I doubt that would be considered professional.

I slowly near the box and the proceedings in the coliseum have neared its conclusion. Only a single slave remains. Sweating and scared in the centre of the arena, clutching with all his might a fallen gladiator’s sword. The other gladiators encircle him, teasing him mercilessly before they gut him. I glance back over to Caesar hoping he will give thumbs up and down but, to my disappointment, the slave is merely beheaded without Caesar’s intervention, ruining my otherwise excellent day.  

Luckily for me, the Romans in the box were too preoccupied with the bloodshed to notice me strolling towards them; maybe this will be easier than first thought. I place the stolen knife against my wrist, away from sight, feeling the cold blade rub against my skin. Gurhst is sitting near the back of the box. My sleight of hand is quick enough that I should be able to stab him them disperse into the crowd without being seen. The events in the arena had completely finished. A man walks out into the centre of the ring, avoiding the limbless bodies, and starts yelling something in Latin. I did not bother to translate; instead I kept Gurhst within my sight, waiting impatiently for the crowds to start departing.

The man stops yelling, the crowd responds with a standing ovation mixed with an abundance of blood thirsty screaming. I wait anxiously for another minute for the crowd to quiet down and exit the arena. The man stops screaming, the crowd being to flood out the coliseum. This is my chance. I grasp the blade firmly in my hand, steadying myself, preparing to strike. Gurhst stands out of his seat and makes his way, with Caesar, out of the box. He walks leisurely towards me, hampered by his sheer size, in discussion with Caesar. I give myself time to look deep into his dark blue eyes. He strolls past me in ignorance. I take the opportunity to plant the knife into his back. I twist the blade, listening to the crackling sound of his rib cage.

Gurhst collapses to the floor. Caesar stops and turns around to witness blood spew from him. He searches through the crowd using his eyes in a futile attempt to find Gurhst’s murderer. He stood no chance of finding his assassin. No sooner had I twisted the blade in his chest had I took my leave, dissolving into the crowd.

As my assassination was complete sooner than expected, I decided, as a treat to spend another couple of hours within Rome. I think I might find some dinner.  

© 2011 John Morris

Author's Note

John Morris
A piece I did for fun - but I would like to know anything you have to say.

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Added on January 23, 2011
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John Morris
John Morris

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