Intellectual Sex

Intellectual Sex

A Poem by JMaster1

“Intellectual Sex”


Watching you sitting on the couch

So close to his Pierced n*****s

You were always attracted to

Intelligent, thought-provoking,

Philosophical men,

Men who could quote Whitman and sip wine


Watch you sitting on the couch

As he wet his lip's ring

You miss talking politics and religion

You miss that more than any thought of sex or romance.

With him, it is a fulfillment

Of an intellectual and sexual need.


I watch you,

Teasing me in your intellectual way,

I want to make love with you

I don't want your body,

It's too early



I want to make love

With your feelings,

With your most intimate

Thoughts and fantasies

Your confusions attract me

The way you use your lack of experience

As your powerful weapon

Make me want you

Make me want to get inside

Your mind


Teasing your thoughts

My fingers reach inside

Rubbing your fears

Touching your dirty thoughts

Kissing your memories

Feeling you still want him

So bad


Things forbidden always

Become more interesting,

you use a fantasy,

In order to protect yourself

From his temptation,

Your thoughts moan

Purring in a gentle way

I feel your heart whispering


Come to me

Come to make love,

I still want you

© 2016 JMaster1

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This is a pleasant stimulation of the erotic senses from the alluring title, captivating image, and purple font. Lavender tends to invoke calmness and serenity. It has been known to arouse men yet calm women. The writer displays attention to detail.


The Whitman reference caught my eye because I adore Walt Whitman's poetry; it is sensual and you can read it as a stand alone by the sections on any page. As the title suggests, "Intellectual Sex" is seductive to females since we tend to romanticize sex. In contrast, men are visual and physical. Therefore, they court their ladies by means of impressing them with literature. Professors are notorious for this behavior. I think we can all agree that we have had sexual fantasies about our teachers.

I imagined the speaker as a female; an intelligent tease of a woman. She strikes me as a sensual being yet classy. The tone of poem comes off as classical but there are moments of blunt sexual details such as "fingers slip inside." The writer the does not hide behind figurative language but rather enhances it, creating a sensory overload.


I adore erotica personally. It gives me a break from other intense reading material since I am diverse. Frankly, I want to read more erotica now instead of some serious work I was reading. I will certainly be keeping an eye on your writing.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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Interesting lines penned in this one. Very passionate for sure. Sara

Posted 18 Hours Ago

Yes a sensual poem indeed. The title and image grab the audience immediately and your poem unfurls as one would hope. Nice use of the senses, drawing in and building up this intense intellectual experience. Red colored letters seems to push forward the color of love and passion. Though, some women may see a different color? This "intellectual sex" is a nice escape into intimacy.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Great work =-) I enjoyed reading this piece very much. Loaded with deep emotion, it is both romantic and passionate. The way you used the sexual component(s) to describe the mental connection between two minds was excellent.

Your very talented, keep writing JMaster1.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Still want you is such a delicious line.. so full of meaning.
But then again as I reread your poem for the third time there are many lines that beckon to me.
I really enjoyed your poem.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Wow very intense and exciting, you really have a way of expressing yourself from deep within. Your poem interesting

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Thank you , it means alot
Never Say Never

8 Months Ago

Anytime and willing to tell the truth.
The title "Intellectual Sex" got my interest. I enjoyed the poem very much, it is such a clever linguistic collage of two different realms, sex and conversation. I like how it elevates the role of the brain in eroticism. Great poem!

Posted 10 Months Ago

This here is what every couple should experience intimacy, the love, the touch of one another, it's like some people don't have that in their relationships because they just have casual relationships not committed relationships. They feel this poem in their bones, in their heart, in their bodies. It's amazing what we can all do with our minds that wander.

Posted 10 Months Ago

This title stimulated my interest, and each line that followed continued to do so oh so very well. It is intriguing in ways that are sexual on the surface yet ultimately seem to be more about emotional intimacy. Some of my favorite lines, or those which most resonate with me, are "I want to make love With your feelings" and also "you use a fantasy In order to protect yourself". I relate to this in a deeply personal way.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I love this, it speaks to me so alluringly.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I really love intimate and sexual writing like this. I love how you have connected sexuality with mind, truly thought provoking and lovely.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you so much Danielle

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