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Guess Who

Guess Who

A Story by Joey Nizz

Hello there dear reader
You know, it is really funny that it's been so long since I've known you but still don't know your real name, but hey it doesn't matter as long as I knew you all this time, I know your getting more confused as your reading this, but i know you enough to tell you that whatever you are reading in this message will or is giving you a weird reaction, but it shouldn't.
At least not for long anyways.
You see my friend
All this time, iv'e always been with you, i was right next to you for a lot of years give or take.
I used to and I still watch you sleep, I see whatever it is your doing around the house, i hear you talk to your friends, I know what you have for lunch everyday and I even know the secrets that you keep that no one knows, but i guess someone does know and that'll be me.
You actually almost saw me a few times before, I couldn't let you see me, not just yet anyways.
Sometime, if not all the time, i have to hide myself from you. but let me remind you of something, remember that time when you thought that and felt that someone was behind you? and as soon as you turned there was no one? well, there was, it's just that you failed to see me :)
As i was watching you, i found out that you are actually a good person and a good reader, I actually grew fond of you a a lot and lately iv'e been meaning to finally show myself to you, but i knew as soon as you hear my voice you will shiver in fear.. just like the last time when you woke up suddenly frighted by the same sound, I found a better idea.
I noticed that you've been using this website every now and then, and i saw that you like to read other peoples stories and journals, so i wrote this message in this journal hoping that you would read it one of these days, and now that you read all of this, I told you what I wanted you to hear, and I think now you are read to see me and finally become friends.
Before you go to sleep on your bed, I shall show you my face :)

© 2017 Joey Nizz

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Not bad at all. From my point of view, as I read through this; I thoigh it was going to be the webcam viewer as the conclusion to who had been watching me, but I was proved wrong. In a way, you have left it open as to who the watcher could be. Couple of spelling mistakes, BUT id didn't distract from what I feel was a piece which would be aptly titled as 'Guess Who'

I liked it.


Posted 3 Years Ago

Joey Nizz

3 Years Ago

Hey thanks mark, im sorry about the spelling mistakes, and also do you think i should change it to g.. read more

3 Years Ago

Dont worry about the spelling mistakes, we are all human.' Guess who' would be good because that's a.. read more
Joey Nizz

3 Years Ago

Thanks buddy, you've been really supportive :)

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1 Review
Added on March 23, 2017
Last Updated on March 28, 2017
Tags: Horror, stalker, stalking, creep, creepy


Joey Nizz
Joey Nizz

Manama, Reef Island, Bahrain

Whatever the mind and heart creates, I put it down with my pen on a paper, whatever inspires me and whatever inspires others, I got to share the inspiration and the knowledge and the hardship that I a.. more..

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