Mandatory Musings.

Mandatory Musings.

A Poem by JFag

Birthed from a deadline and nostalgia.


The city named Hisarlik used to be named Troy.


The sky never let us down.


One static aspect of life.


I wonder how it felt.


I’ll never let this feeling go.


Two things at once.


Sometimes I wonder if you felt it like I did.


I’m trying.


The city named Hisarlik used to be named Troy.


Gripping too hard, knuckles turn white. 


There’s a place.  Does it make summer feel real?


There’s poison in the air. But we don’t care.


As soft as the bed you slept in last night,


But of course, it wasn’t that summer anymore


Does it hurt when it rains? Does it hurt in your heart?


The worst night of your life


It has just started


She was sick of formalities


Nothing let us down back then, what had happened?


“To the 13th floor, please.”


They used to hang criminals in public. People would watch.


Millions upon millions of faces without a story.


What had history taken?


The garage door was open


Memories we told ourselves we could never forget


Nothing more than distant twinkles in our minds




I’m sure the neighbors can see


Pipe dreams were nice, at least you could dream


The garage door was open

Heels click and clack on cold stone floor


But of course, it wasn’t that summer anymore


Sounds bounces off of sterile walls


And all at once you realize:


This is your life now

© 2010 JFag

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Added on November 11, 2010
Last Updated on November 11, 2010



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