Her Fable

Her Fable

A Story by Jaafa

Just a short, weird kinda story that came into my head one day and I thought I'd write it down. Influenced by a couple of games too.


She was taken from me. My essence, my very soul. Her dark eyes would pierce me forever more. I'd call out but hear no answer. I longed for her return to the point of collapse. Only wishing to hold her once more and forget all else.

So I travelled and fought.

Seeking. Seeking truth, seeking glory, seeking power seeking fortune, seeking a hollow love, seeking revenge, seeking to restore what once was.

And in my travels I happened across mystery. Epic tales of the long forgotten past. Enticing me to devel deeper in it's meaning and thus perhaps find meaning for myself.

Once I met one like me. Corrupted, for a thousand years by his loss, never to return. Yet he prolonged this existance, always seeking an extension to his life, for what? And at such cost.

I knew not that my fate was his, and his mine.

I was imprisioned in a tower of the deepest darkness and purest evil. The tower became taller and with it grew it's power over man, until at it's peak it rivaled the heavens. I did not fight it, I accepted my fate, for it gave me meaning, and it was a terrible meaning, enacting the crimes of suffering and hate. The more I hated, the stonger I became.

Alas even this faded with time and I grew weary, for even through all this time I never forgot. How could I forget? Afraid of the tears it would bring, for they shook me to my core.

I cast down the tower and unshackled myself, those who had imprisoned me now encased in their greed and folly, for none could stand before me now.

And in doing so the people revled me and the demi-gods themselves wished to reward me with one wish.

The entirety of the dominion with its Power and Fortune.

The return of the mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, whose deaths my hand was oft the cause.

Or her.

I chose her.

The demi-gods passed down a note.It was written in that almost forgotten yet ever familar handwritting. She had awoken in a wood, a misty wood not like any she'd seen before. A being was with her, he who even I could not challenege, yet she did not fear him. She said she would wait for me.

And so too it was, that I awoke, and my journey began.

© 2012 Jaafa

Author's Note

Just curious to see what kind of images/thoughts this provokes in you.

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Added on March 30, 2012
Last Updated on March 30, 2012
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