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A Story by Jack 2.0

At the heart of everything




NOT FOR ACEDEMIC USE [non-peer theory]

According to popular theory and a host of evidence...

Everything is made from this set of subatomic particles:

            q           l                      Spin      Mass              Charge

Neutrino         v                      ½         < 1 eV                 0

Down  d          (v|e)                ½        1/3 proton         -1/3

Up       u          (e|v)                ½         1/3 proton       +1/3

Electron          e                      ½         > 0.5 MeV          -1

q = quarks , l = leptons, collectively called Fermions  









                               O & T Theory


O = Oriented at the origin

(Right = z to x to y to z... Left = z to y to x...)


T = Terminated at the teminal


Simplified with O&T, where O --> T = 80 eV:


                    Oxyz               mass=


Electron        OTTT             T cubed

Up                OTVT             T squared x V

Down            OVTV             T  x V squared

Neutrino       OVVV             V cubed




L is an inverted T (because there is no inverted T on the keyboard)


                    O ------------ T     Tx  is on the blue pole


  L ------------ O                    Lx is "anti" on the yellow pole


  L ------------ O ------------ T     Vx  is on the yellow/blue pole


A is an inverted V


  T ------------ O ------------ L     Ax  is on the blue/yellow pole




Positron    LLLO


Photon =   LLLO  +  OTTT  =   OTTT + LLLO

                [ T and L cancel: still there but hidden]



Photon        O~O

Gluon          OcO   (c indicates "color")

Weakon       OwO  






Neutrino       OV V V    superimposed  on another OV V V

                   point O (origin) of the second neutrino

                   fits between two axes of the first neutrino


Mu neu         OVOV V  (second neutrino reorients at X and Y)


Mu neu         OV  VOV (or it can reorient at Y and Z)


                   The mu-neu can be reoriented to yeild...


Tau neu        OVOVOV


                   If the the tau-neu is reoriented, it will

                    no longer be a Fermion (lepton or quark)...

                    rather it becomes a Boson...


W+/-             OVOVOVO 

  (note that it begins and ends with O, like the photon O~O)



END OF THIS SECTION *********************************************************


unpaired fermion = 1/2 of the pair, times sum of numbers of O and T symbols all over number of axes (3)

Mass = T(mass) raised to number of T, times V(mass) raised to the number of V


[G] as 6.6917625e-11 = (10)^(-10.1744595)

it has been postulated that the

numerical value of the gravitational constant is exactly the same as the

numerical value of the product of the magnetic constant and the square

of the fine structure constant , which has different units. Because of this

and other seemingly coincidental numerical exactitudes that occur only for

this value of [G] , it is thus postulated that the system of units in use is

 in need of reconsideration.





(c) 2009 O&T Theory / BB Jack Presents

© 2013 Jack 2.0

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Jack 2.0
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Aaaaa...English please?

Posted 11 Years Ago

Jack 2.0

11 Years Ago

Thanx Muse :D

Remember that Jules Verne wrote about an atomic submarine 100 years bef.. read more

11 Years Ago

HG Wells The Shape of Things to Come. :)
this looks like it should be on the blackboard of an advanced physics class at harvard. i do believe there is poetry in numbers even if another doesn't understand why.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Jack 2.0
Jack 2.0


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