The "B" series...

The "B" series...

A Poem by YacobTihstea

I wrote the first, and on the same subject wrote the second, which I then re-wrote as the third.

Red sky queen,
Splendorous thing,
Exhaling grace at your leisure...

Every sound sistine,
Echoing voice a pleasurable ring,
All around this cavernous realm.

The most reknown of poets and lovers,
Can speak all they know and yet only hover,
Barely aware your eloquence is the queen of the trade.

Blessed maiden of the books,
Ebulient cache of heaven's looks,
What a secret you have kept hidden from the world.

These eyes have seen so far and wide,
But never will I ever find, 
A goddess of your stature living on this blackened earth.

I could write a storm of words,
Cloak your name with gallant chords,
But silence is the only sound I will ever know.

A rose in your spirit, I swear it's true,
But beyond this verse, there's no more I can do,
For I fear you hold your prescence here above me.

B, two
You're sweet, weeping fire. 
All the while I gaze higher, you're beauty climbing through the sky to shut out the heavens. 
Lest we make him angry, and he taketh away. 
I'll find you the way he left you, and I will love you anyway. 

You're gold, covered in cream. 
Quite a dreamy thing. 
Forgive me if I seem to stare, you feel so rare. 
When he outdoes himself, he never wants to share. 

You are a forgotten language. 
Food for thought, but you would roll off of my tongue. 
Or so I imagine, but when I think of you I feel rude. 
Is it impolite to think those types of things about you? 

I am only a man. 
B, too
You're weeping fire. 
All the while I gaze through the sky.
We make him taketh away. 

I'll find you anyway.

You're gold, covered in cream, a dreamy thing. 
Forgive me if I seem rare,

He outdoes himself. 

You are forgotten, 
But you roll off my tongue,
Or so I think, 

Is it impolite to think about you? 

I am only a man.

© 2010 YacobTihstea

Author's Note

Again, feel free to criticize.

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Added on August 31, 2010
Last Updated on August 31, 2010
Tags: Sweet, Weeping, Fire, God, B, Two, Too, Red, Queen, Grace, Love



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