The other side of heaven...

The other side of heaven...

A Poem by YacobTihstea

This filth breeds all life.

The process of elimination on this planet has quickly become nothing but a black cloud.
Lung eating smoke in place of the oxygen these vessels need to breathe.
Nothing will be left alive to betray.

To cease malfunction, we must first malfunction ourselves.
To grasp the concept of an equal right to live, we must put ourselves last.

With our fingers around every throat that isn't between us and our ribs, 
We rip viciously and we begin grinding lives like human equivalents of unstoppable tectonic plates.
With no theory, and no fate altering revolution from the smartest of those gone ignored,
We are doomed to accept failure as our plague infested parent.
A mother with a drug addiction is taking over mankind
The planet is over. 

If you are a true child of the soil, place your hands above your head and close your eyes,
Mind numb, swaying side to side, keeps your palms open and feed your flesh to the crows.
When you smell the stench of extinction, the sky will metamorphosis into an ocean,
An ocean of the blood so carelessly lost in the name of progression.
Technological advancement is your new god, and it refuses to answer your prayers.

Without aid the world will die, but with determination, we will earn a slow and agonizing death.
I would rather be taken in seconds than suckle the last few dry and empty drops of milk from the breast of a machine.

© 2010 YacobTihstea

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Added on August 31, 2010
Last Updated on August 31, 2010



Rome, GA

My name is Jacob. I pretend to hate but yearn to love. I like to cook, and I like to weld, and I like to write. The urge to write isn't constant, but I constantly write anyways. I secretly love t.. more..

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A Poem by YacobTihstea