The Obama Revelation (Article)

The Obama Revelation (Article)

A Story by James Bonner

President Barack Obama is well into his first term as the President of the United States and whether or not you proffer your assent or recoil at the idea of unsolicited change, he has made good with a number of his campaign promises. Many of which are under scrutiny but all promise a much-needed overhaul of faith in our ailing government. The obvious and understated truth is that we are better off now trying something new and coming up short then we are to continue down the same thirty year course fractured by deception and turmoil. We have isolated ourselves from the prospect of global community, looking at the rest of the world as spectators aware of yet uninvolved with.

We do have our differences politically. But we mustn't delude ourselves into believing that one idea is any more notable than the other. Depending on our parties and the clashing moral perceptions confuses what it is that we have worked so diligently for. Finally recognizing that our problems cannot be solved by are affiliated views we can unite as human beings and solve our issues as such. It is time to put contradictions aside and create a balance between our conflicting moralities. 

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt makes the comparison of Ying and Yang to Republicans and Democrats in his “Moral roots of Liberals and conservatives” talk on TED. An idea of opposing equals each only function(s) as a result of the other and both necessary in maintaining balance. Sent-ts’an said, “If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against, the struggle between “ for and against" is the minds worst disease.”

We have seen in recent months President Obama shake hands with the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, sitting down with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister - where he made clear the necessity of reopening negotiations with the Palestinians. As well as extending the promise of a “new beginning” with Iran stating, “With the coming of a new season {spring}, we're reminded of this precious humanity that we all share. And we can once again call upon this spirit as we seek the promise of a new beginning,” The Obama administration is attempting a new approach in our foreign policy-one that if succeeds will have the potential of redefining not only our domestic and international image but the rest of the worlds as well.

Granted, over the past several months we have seen the administration strive for what has been considered as “too much too soon.” President Barack Obama made it a personal goal to establish a Universal Health Care system while also, hopefully, creating his legacy as the 44th president of the United States. This step was met, of course, with criticism and though he was successful it began his decline in approval with the American public. Nevertheless, it was a bold move and a step in a direction of his promises that further my strong belief that we are better off now trying something new and failing then we are continuing down a path we know to be wrong. We see a continued decline in approval as a result of our still lacking economy, however we have also seen the Republican party make an extra effort in attempts to secure the white house in 2012. They are aware that the efforts the Obama administration has made towards rebuilding our economy is and will continue to work but we wont see a majority of those improvements for another - oh, I don’t know - four years. 

We are a world separated by our differences in opinion, confused by those differences and terrified of what these differences could mean. We have yet to realize that it is necessary to maintain a balance between bipartisanship, and without the thought process and intentions of both parties we would never be the country we are today. When running a business Its essential that both analytical and personable people are present in order for this business to persevere. It would benefit us to think of our government the same. Both Republicans and Democrats want what is best for the country, and though, in recent years, (three decades) we have seen the party’s disagree for no reason other than to disagree, to blatantly disregard the will of an American people and to smear the name and intention of another, for no reason than to shift power and make money. It would seem that they must have forgotten that we are all, in fact, in this together; that we trusted them to provide for us, the American people, a free, a safe, and an honest life. They must, again, realize that their back and forth badgering can only make us look uncollected to the world, and has not, nor could it maintain, or offer a change to the future of our unsettled country. To quote John F. Kennedy “Let us not be blind to our differences - but let us also direct our attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be…” accepted. Even if the only thing that any of us have in common is that we share this small planet that is enough a reason to at least try. By electing Barack Obama as President we sent that message to the world. One that suggests that we are willing to accept those differences and work with them, and that we, as Americans understand something needs to change. We must remember that we were finally ready to Unite, not only together but with the rest of the world.

Also, the United States wouldn’t despair to consider adopting a de facto multiparty system. Then further putting more power in states hands while not limiting the powers of the federal government but allowing, instead, for the government to focus on fewer issues creating both a unified United States and a stronger nation by recognizing states as “city states” per-say. Certain pressing issues would remain the focus of a centralized government (i.e Universal Health Care, Military) while smaller issues be the focus of the states. (i.e Welfare, Gay Marriage, Strict Gun Control Laws, Higher/Lower Taxes et cetera) This would be an ideal step towards returning to a system the founding members of this country had originally intended. Though we will always struggle with domestic disagreements this step would at least allow us to again focus on international disputes with more attentiveness. 

We will, at some point, have to begin drafting some idea of a global community, with an expanding population and the possible threat of nuclear war; whether or not this threat is imminent or fabricated. The idea of the global community is either one ignored or unfamiliar to an American public. Realistic or not the idea would mean very little other than to find a willingness to accept the differences of one another. Though it is an idea that we, as Americans, need to embrace if we want to maintain a significant role as a world super power.  By electing Barack Obama we sent that message (though since may have strayed) to the rest of the world that we are ready to accept that not only are we Americans; we are also people -- sharing a world with other people. We can then embrace our cultural differences and learn to support the strengths each has to contribute to this global community. The Obama administration has the means to inspire and motivate an American peoples’ willingness to accept that change. As well as the characteristics to lead us, and the world through this collaborated beginning. It is up to us now, as Americans to assume a responsibility to “be that change we want to see in the world.”

© 2010 James Bonner

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Very well written and balanced in your political view. Our system does work best with the combination of opposing views. I like the idea of moving the "smaller issues" into the hands of the states.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Story by James Bonner