A Tale of the MystiCaLs'

A Tale of the MystiCaLs'

A Story by James Bonner

“A footpath, of wooded origin, and distinct only in that it needed no help in creating passage from one spot to the next -- even having overgrown and been unused for sometime -- while, still, presenting itself upon others simply by virtue of desire.  

To be guided elsewhere meant that you were coaxed by a rather incredulous unicorn.  Cagey of the tenderness and disposition of a human, notwithstanding that he has never actually met one.  Though the two -- humans and unicorns -- play in the same reality, the sight for each has been lost over the centuries.  It is only in a wakeful state of reverie that I have come to be in this mystical design shared in perception by this mystical creature. 

It is perhaps the most magnificent sight the first time you witness the idealisms.  Aware as you may be of an idealist -- an idealism -- is quite the differing thing, they are the living energy that makes up the flora, herbage, greenery and verdure of the forest.  Although, yes, their faces are too small to make out an expression, their wings more than make up for a humans lack of perspicacity.  A color and image that are transformed by their emotions, it is without a doubt the most difficult, and beautiful, thing I have been asked to understand.  They speak in a pitch only perceived by something with the same listening capabilities of a dog, so they have learned, themselves, to communicate through art.  They carry with them pencils made of oak bark and sap, and will use anything at all suitable to depict their meaning.  It is a deal they have with the forest, and as they provide life in return how could one refuse? 

The unicorn as stubborn as he might seemingly be is only so because it was us, the humans, that chose to neglect the validity of their kind effectively -- as disbelief will do terrible things, short of -- murdering these revered otherworldly beings.  It took some convincing but he eventually came around, as they will always do, because they are -- of course -- known for their forgiveness and understanding.  We sat in the highest point of the tallest tree and watched as passersby were to consumed with their own shortsightedness to notice even the most evident of things.  Humans make time very differently than the mystiCaLs’.  

We -- humans -- don’t exactly coexist with our surroundings, it is a question of power for us, and the necessity to acquire it all; without considering who it may be hurting or disappearing.  We watch the human -- the unicorn and I -- and when he gets beneath the tree directly we shake the branches to see if by chance this human might see fairy dust.  Which, is not a product of fairies at all but the perceptible equal to creativity -- fairies just have a monopoly on the market which again is all a result of our misinterpretation.  Humans were given the responsibility and privilege to maintain the beliefs and therefore existence of all things real and mystiCaL, it was a privilege that we have since forgotten...”

© 2010 James Bonner

Author's Note

James Bonner
I have no idea what this is or is going to be.

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Added on December 5, 2010
Last Updated on December 5, 2010


James Bonner
James Bonner

Santa Fe, NM

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A Story by James Bonner