Paths Cross

Paths Cross

A Chapter by DanielDoss

Two of the main characters meet.

Chapter 1 : Paths Cross

( Zooms in from view of a mountainous forest shot to a dojo on the side of a mountain)

A mysterious man is punching and kicking a heavy bag. He starts to speed up his attacks and with sweat falling down his face and delivers a final blow ripping the bag in half.

( Fades to black and next scene is with parents and a daughter ,Luna, at a dinner table)

Everything is quiet. Luna looks down at her plate silent and sad. BOOM!! Her father slams the table in disgust of the dinner his daughter has made. He shouts, "What the hell is wrong with you ! Can you not cook a simple dinner?" Luna snaps back with, " I tried my best, maybe you or mom should try for once instead of making me cook and do everything for you! " The father's eyes grow red and smacks Luna across the face. Standing there with tears down her face she flips the chair over and runs out the door. Not knowing where to go she heads to the woods where she can be alone.

She finally gets far enough to where she can't see the village and is deep in the woods. As soon as she stops, it all hits her at once that she can no longer go back to her home that she is all alone, she breaks down and cries. At  that exact moment it starts to rain, so she quickly finds a cave to rest in, but when she wakes she sees a pair of red eyes in the back of the cave. The figure slowly walks towards her. Luna backs up against the wall and grabs the closest rock. A confused whimper is sounded then the figure walks out to reveal its a small abandoned wolf cub. Relieved it was no real danger she pets and goes into the forest playing catch and loving the cub.     

All this has made her forget what has happened just a day ago, until later her stomach starts to growl. Knowing she has no money she tries to set animal traps, but they fail. She then tries to eat a leaf, but quickly gives up. Broke down again she knows she has to go steal from a local store or street vendor to eat and survive. She motions to the wolf cub to stay at the cave and she'll be back because she doesn't know how the town will react to seeing a wolf.

As she makes the trip she is scared she might run into her family so she takes a gang troubled area unknowingly, and sure enough a group of gang members three in total surround her and start to tease and push her. As she tries to run and slip by, one of them grabs her by the back of the collar. yanking her to the ground. She lets out a short scream before the gang member covers her mouth, but luckily the mysterious man from the beginning walks by and notices this. He runs fist clinched and silent. All Luna sees is a shadow fly overhead kicking one of the thugs so hard he flies into the wall behind him. Quickly the shadow clinches the second thug and knees him in the stomach then the face knocking out both thugs for awhile.

Now all that's left is the mysterious guy and the main thug holding Luna. The thug quickly pulls a knife to Luna's throat. He demands for the mysterious man to leave, but he won't and as the thug starts to shout that he will kill her, a loud boom sounds, and a Kali stick hits the thug from behind cutting him off mid sentence.

Now that all the thugs are knocked out the two guys thank each other, and realizing Luna is on the ground and scared. The man reaches down and helps her up, but then the thugs wake up and the guy pulls Luna in close to protect her, but with both him and his friend there ready to fight, the thugs quickly run away. He looks down at Luna who is blushing red from how close he is holding her and says, "Hi, I'm Danryu are you okay?" She tries to talk, but is too shy. Danryu says, "why are you out here?" and right when he says that her stomach growls extremely loud. Smiling Danryu notices she isn't a talker and hands her his lunch that he didn't eat from training today. She grabs the lunch and gives him a hug and runs back to the forest to meet back up with now pet wolf cub and feed him. After they eat she settles down and goes to sleep from the exhausting day that happened.

( Screen cuts back to Danryu )

Danryu and his friend are eating a snack talking and relaxing. next to a river and all he can think is if he will see that beautiful girl soon or at all even...

© 2012 DanielDoss

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The first scene of the man punching the bag is interesting, but maybe it is too short? Is there anything else you’d like to reveal about the character punching the bag before switching to the next scene? There's a lot of energy at the beginning, with Luna arguing with her father. The wolf cub wouldn’t have red eyes. That makes it seem really evil
The counter with the gang members is cool, but its quite cliche. I don’t think she wouldn’t be able to say anything, because at the moment she would be so scared and shocked by what had happened that she wouldn’t be blushing or thinking about if the man that saved her is handsome. Life and death matters make us loose any shyness, at least for awhile.
This is definitely an attempt at a screenplay. It’s not bad, but definitely take a screenwriting class or read a book on the craft, because there is A LOT to know to help any writer out

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 9, 2012
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Collierville, TN

Like writing and will add to story lines as time goes by. more..