It´s over

It´s over

A Story by James Hamilton

A true story about a 23 years old man which died 4th of February 2013. I felt it has to be told.


The shots hit him hard.

It must have been two.

Pain kept him on his feet, kept his heart beating fast.

He run.

He heard the voice of the man who shot him behind.

Only a few meters and he would get to his car.

A shot.

The man missed.

Three meters to the car.

Another shot.

The bullet breaks the cars window.

He reaches the door.

Opens it.

A bullet hits his shoulder.

He sreams.



He throws himself inside the car.

Starts it.

He has to get away from here.

He has to get to the hospital.

Blood runs down his body.

His mind´s racing - thinking about nothing and everything.

He comes closer to the city.

The lights mean shelter.


The man is afraid of death.

He drives faster.

A mistake.

He already sees the hospital.

But he doesn´t see the tree.

It´s over.

© 2013 James Hamilton

Author's Note

James Hamilton
Bruno Pereira Fernandes, died on the 4th of February 2013, in the age of 23 years.

It´s a true story.

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Added on February 5, 2013
Last Updated on February 5, 2013
Tags: murder, short, shortstory


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