Your Teenage Years Through the 80's

Your Teenage Years Through the 80's

A Poem by Jane Bruce

A poem about th events and the things I remember as a teenager through the 1980's



From the first year of the 80's, memories to be made,

From the Sony Walkman, Rubiks Cube and the Pacman arcades,

Rushing home from school to watch your favourite program,

As Mum would prepare your favourite toastie of cheese and ham,

Waiting patiently for the weekend and your friends to knock on the door,

Settling down to watch Saturday Superstore,

Arranging a sleepover on a Saturday night,

Board games, girl boy and lots of play fight,

A lazy Sunday your friends are now ghost,

As you'd sit round the table for your Sunday roast,

Another week ahead going to school,

Pleated skirts and Kickers looking so cool,

When the weekend is here and more plans for laughs,

As you would make your way with friends to New Brighton baths,

Our outdoor pool, fountains and diving boards,

People travelled for miles they would come in hoards,

As the day passes by and you're watching the clock,

To return in the night time for the famous New Brighton Rock,

Making memories for your future to be told,

As you watch Spandau Ballet performing their song Gold,

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Weather Girls,

Wearing spandex, leg warmers, your hair full of lacquer and back combed curls,

Singing along to your favourite songs,

Having fun through the night, not causing any wrongs,

Arriving home to watch the Saturday night film on the box,

Getting comfy on the couch, taking off your shoes and your socks,

What film is it tonight mum”, is it Crocodile Dundee,

As your Mum would smile and reply, “Wait and see”,

Your school days are soon about to come to an end,

Planning to work and earns your own spends,

Nights out with your mates, after a day at the beach,

Applying make-up in the loo of The Chelsea Reach,

Through the era of music, New Wave to Hip Hop,

Busting moves on the dance-floor not wanting to stop,

The Beastie Boys, De la Soul, Grandmaster Flash,

As you watch the local break dancers go head to head in a clash,

Street People and Eastwood Rockers was their names,

As they would battle it out for the winners to claim,

The dance off portrayed with a crowd all around,

Caterpilla, Boogaloo, and head spins on the ground,

The recognition of the Jamaican Bob Sleigh Team,

Meant everything to them, their wide smile beam,

The youngest ever heavyweight at 20 years of age,

The fearful Mike Tyson with his worldly rage,

The most successful football team, Liverpool Football Club,

6 times English champions, 2 league and 2 European cups,

You grow in life and you learn so much,

Some great events and some not as such,

As you now enter your adult life and mature,

Geography, Biology and Mathematics are no more,

Paying attention to what's going on with the news,

Disasters around the world there are endless queues,

From the Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie,

Military coups in Nigeria for all to see,

As Global warming in this decade became known,

As Charles married Diana our next Queen to the throne,

Bands and singers coming together, millions of pounds they made,

Giving there time and effort for the epidemic of Aids,

The first surrogate pregnancy known as “Baby M”,

Oscar winning films, Chariots of Fire and Rain Man,

Inventions from Nintendo, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers,

Buying the latest trend to keep up with others,

A peaceful decade, feeling happy and safe everyday,

You could leave your doors unlocked, your belongings would stay,

In your humble surroundings of a family home,

Crime now-a-days has more than doubled it's grown,

To a point where it's not safe and homelessness is rife,

Not like the 80's no cares in your life,

Growing up as a teenager with all your mateys,

Was the best decade to be, that was the 1980's.

Written by Jane Bruce 2020

© 2020 Jane Bruce

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Added on May 23, 2020
Last Updated on May 23, 2020


Jane Bruce
Jane Bruce

Wallasey, Wirral, United Kingdom

I have been writing poetry for a few years and have now moved onto short stories. I'm hoping to soon get a publishing contract. I'm also a keen artist which I really enjoy but one thing at a time lol more..