The Forgotten Musician

The Forgotten Musician

A Poem by Jane Bruce

This poem I wrote when a friend of mine gave up his band. The band, "Sound of Guns" I do hope that I gave my friend Andrew Metcalfe some inspiration, the band has now reformed and gigging again!


The Forgotten Musician

Feeling complacent, you're put on the spot,

The party clown you're certainly not,

Don't ever feel like you have to stand tall,

And play the fool, this is you, it's your call,

Your mind is your own, you’re in total control,

You're the stallion in the field, never the foal,

Take responsibility for who you are,

Never let people, your personality they tar,

Don't ever let people make you their fun,

When you wonder why and what you've become,

Take a step back and look at the full circle you're in,

Never be the fool and let them win,

There's always a reason and a method to madness,

As long as you don't end up highly strung, full of sadness,

The party clown, they laugh, you perform,

At the end of the day, it's you whose forlorn,

Don't let them take your kindness as a part of being weak,

Be strong, stand tall, be your own person and seek,

The place you're happy in what you choose,

Don't be the fool, the clown and lose,

Your status in the past and what you stood for,

Your talent, your status that was before,

If it was your passion in life of past,

You can do it again and make it last,

You're talented probably more than most,

Don't settle for second, you are the host,

Change it round put them in your world again,

It's you who's the star, most definitely not them,

Never give them a reason to fault,

Your actions, your ways that makes them bolt,

I have total faith in you through and through,

Turn this around, time to show them what to do,

An artist, musician, song writer, performer,

Time to put the others right back in the corner,

You're far to good doing what you do,

Put your head and mind forward and shine through what you do.

It's time you come back and put to the test,

In what you do, what you do at your best!!!!!!

Written by Jane Bruce 2017

© 2020 Jane Bruce

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Added on May 23, 2020
Last Updated on May 23, 2020


Jane Bruce
Jane Bruce

Wallasey, Wirral, United Kingdom

I have been writing poetry for a few years and have now moved onto short stories. I'm hoping to soon get a publishing contract. I'm also a keen artist which I really enjoy but one thing at a time lol more..