A Poem by Jane Stones

I spend time telling your daughter I'm not her mama when she calls me that.

After I've fetched her from school, fed her, dried her tears from the boo boo, listened to her tales, heard he fears, and laughed at the same knock knock joke over and over again.

I've potty trained her and taught her to dress herself.
I taught her to write her name, I'm teaching her to read.

I knew that she likes creamed spinach before you did ... and that when you're away for really long it makes her skin itchy

I was there the first time she swam.
I saw the determination and the joy of accomplishment shining in her eyes. You can't capture that in a video.

I've watched her be mean, and taught her to be kind.
I've seen her be jealous, and taught her to be grateful.

I've experienced a thousand emotions, and her confusion of understanding them.
I've encouraged her to feel them, to handle them, and to positively accept them.

I've heard just learnt school songs sung proudly in my car.
I've seen tiny hands thrown up in celebration of a simple tune.

I've gone on adventures at sea, fought dragons and blown away rain clouds.
I've watched the sunset and been excited over a lizard.

I've sat staring at her enrapture during a stage show of Alice.
And heard her desire to be the girl who jumps through the rabbit hole. Did you know?

I've visited for tea under blankets thrown over chairs.
And come home in tears knowing they miss their mama ... wishing you would be there

© 2018 Jane Stones

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Added on May 4, 2018
Last Updated on May 4, 2018


Jane Stones
Jane Stones

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

My words are simple. They rarely make you think past them on a first read. I just write, just let the words flow, its not extravagant poetry worthy of praise but its honest and real and ready to be sh.. more..

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A Poem by Jane Stones