Child and Teddy

Child and Teddy

A Poem by Jane Stones

I had (still have) a teddy that went everywhere with me as a kid. In a moment of sheer panic as an adult in a foreign country, I craved the soft embrace of that bear, but he was at home. Or was he?

We think it's the child whose the boss
of his favourite teddy bear friend.
But it's Teddy who has all the wisdom
and sends all Child's foes to their end.
It's Teddy who whispers "I've got you"
when imagine is real in the night
It's Teddy who helps Child to fall asleep 
and keeps Child safe till the light.
It's Teddy who plays with Child all through the day,
who joins in adventure and fun!
Who laughs, sings, dances, jumps
and races with Child in the sun.
Teddy's softness becomes Child's comfort.
Teddy's cuddle can dry any tear.
And we know Child relies on Teddy
for each happy, each sad, and each fear.
But consider it closely and see;
take a look at this fascinating bend: 
That Teddy is Child and Child is Teddy
for Ted only becomes real through pretend.

© 2020 Jane Stones

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This is just amazing... Beautifully shown the relation between a teddy and child and the role athat a teddy bear plays in a child's life... Heart touching poem...

Posted 3 Years Ago

Jane Stones

3 Years Ago

Thank you :)

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Added on May 1, 2020
Last Updated on May 1, 2020


Jane Stones
Jane Stones

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

My words are simple. They rarely make you think past them on a first read. I just write, just let the words flow, its not extravagant poetry worthy of praise but its honest and real and ready to be sh.. more..

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