Dear Poetry...

Dear Poetry...

A Poem by Anindita Janhabee

My poetry, my life...


Dear Poetry,

You have such an attractive nature

That only I was attracted

From the whole family of mine;

         You created imagination in my mind

        And words from my heart

        Began to shine…

You became an intimate friend

With an excessive attachment

Through a long-cherished bliss;

        And finally bonded me with soothing words

        That made you my hobby and madness

        Which I never want to miss…

In my sad times, you were the only thing I chose

I desired to pen you down

To reduce my sadness;

        During my happiness, you were the most liked thing

        Which helped me to describe

        The reasons for my gladness…

You are the only way

Through which I can express my feelings

May it be joy, anger or emotion;

        You are the only place

        Where I find peace

        In times of alteration and depression…

You had been the medium of my friendship

Which was capable, wonderful, admirable

And perhaps the ever-memorable;

        You are the rare talent hidden in me

        Which makes me unique among all

        And also you are the reason making me adorable…

Seasons seem to be so enjoyable today

And the credit goes to you, of course!

You made my vision something rare;

        Today the flow of water speaks me of it’s journey

        The spark of sun encourages me to defeat darkness

        These are the reasons you are under my care…

It’s never enough to thank you

You live in my heart, mind, soul, hand, eyes

And also in my imaginations, since years;

        Therefore when I imagine myself without you

        And read about my lost friendship through you

        My eyes get filled with tears…

You have become my new way of living

And gave me a new level of destination

As you have changed my thoughts’ type;

         Your description will never complete

         So I thank god to have given me such beautiful

         Talent, friend and also life…





© 2016 Anindita Janhabee

Author's Note

Anindita Janhabee
Everyone finds topics of various styles, my topic is just dedicated to poetry...
I think its something unique to write a poem about poetry...
What do you think ?
Criticism is most welcome...

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Quite a poetry about poetry! Sentiments at work and unsure whether speaks of just own creation or universal it has a special place in heart. We get involved with our own creation... Isn't God the first example of being so?

Very well written, Anindita.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

Yep, am glad for your review........ As usual, an uplifting one...
Thanks a lot...!!!
Please never lose your sweetness! Your poems are so uplifting and from your heart

Posted 2 Years Ago

Dear poetry
Thank you for make all of us together and giving such true, talented and creative friends
Truly said it is the place where we feel free to express and we feel peace.
It is the place where we all create a beautiful worlds...and all can visit there without any price or tickets..

Nice tribute Ani :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

Thank u so much for ur warm read and delightful review... I'm glad for that.
This expresses my feeling about poetry very well. It's more than just words. It has feeling and meaning behind it, and a writer has to be careful and thoughtful before they are satisfied. A poem almost has its own unique personality, and I think you described wonderfully. Keep writing! :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

Thank u so much for your time...
It's more than words on a page, it is a feeling from within, brought to life fro your words and all the emotions and attachments that come along with you, what you do and what you see, as well as those around you, blending into a permanent thought on the page. Beautifully creative words.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

thank you dear...

2 Years Ago

You're welcome.
very unique piece of poetry here, I enjoyed it
I found it intriguing.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

Thanks a lot dear for all the reviews....
thank u... : )
I do think it is quite different to write a poem about poetry.
To write a poem to poetry, as if it is a real person or something.
I really liked this poem, it really is unique and creative, and quite a cleaver write.
It has loads of feeling and meaning and I enjoy hearing how writing makes you feel.
I am sure plenty of people can relate to some of the things you are saying in this poem.
Although only us poets known just how wonderful and joyful it can be to write.
Keep on writing your poetry, it is beautiful :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

thank you for your time reading and this beautiful review.... thanks a lot....
cimmy wuv xxxooo

2 Years Ago

your most welcome :)
This is an amazing and honest piece. A well-appreciated dedication to someone who held myriad of people through the stages of life!!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

thanks for stopping by....
This Poem is gorgeous! Poetry is very much a way to express ones self, through every season and emotion of life. Your poem really touched me, because I've turned toward poetry many times in my life, both good and bad.
Your style flows beautifully, like a waterfall - strong, fluid, and each words adds a personality to your poem. Loved it very much, keep up the amazing work!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

thanks a lot for your valuable time reading my work...
thank you : )
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The color of the letters...The color of celebration. The poem speaks honestly, and gives the reader a sneak peek into the soul of a beautiful young woman. :) Very well penned.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Anindita Janhabee

2 Years Ago

sorry for late comment, and thanks a lot for the honest review... I am glad u liked this one..... mo.. read more

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Anindita Janhabee

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