My Hell!

My Hell!

A Chapter by My Fair Lady

*Not a religious sermon.













“I’m going to hell.”


Eternal damnation of the worst kind.


I’m not talking about the brimstone lake,

The big mistake,

Or the fiery pit below.


I’m not talking about the fire that’s cold,

The rotting soul’s sold,

Or the place where nothing can grow.


I’m not talking about the stench of death,

The demon’s wrath,

Or the cavernous pit.


I’m not even talking about the Dark Master,

The big disaster,

Or any of the other words associated with it.


I think I have a different view,

Consider it too.

A state of mind, miseries that never end.


I think Hell is a Laundromat!

Consider that.

Never ending rows of toil… baskets of clothes to mend.


Laundromats are miserable places-

Look around at all the unhappy faces.

They say hell is what you make it.


Carry your basket, your own mess.

The task will never end. Unless…

You do your laundry naked!


I’m sure that is where I’ll end up,

No, it wont help to have anger erupt,

It is a simple fate.


Eternal scrubbing, unmatched socks,

Dirty sheets and worn out smocks.

Oh, laundry.. It is you I really hate.


Oh, how I wish for a heavenly fate,

Golden streets and mansions, pearly gate.

I’ll resolve to go to “hell” simply knowing.


That is where I think I’m bound to go.

To some awful florescent lit laundromat below.

My baskets of work ever over flowing.

© 2010 My Fair Lady

Author's Note

My Fair Lady
Another theory by M'Lady- Just Sayin

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God I have to agree and many was the time i used one.I swear they cost a fortune though

Posted 7 Years Ago

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amen to that.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Good write. I also hate laundromats. I hate laundry for that matter. It is an never ending task, I have come to realize this as much as I hate to. lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

good point. i feel the same way about recycling.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh how true....those maddening laundry days ... great write

Posted 9 Years Ago

This my great fair lady began as a dark and serious tale of dastardly proportion when suddenly I found myself laughing out loud as I was finally able to associate myself with your particular Hell- The florescent lit laundromat underground. An all too familiar and fiery fate which all of us can relate to. Very, very well done and with an impeccable sense of tongue in cheek humor. Wonderful. Another moment plucked from the plume of life's great stream of eternal damnation's.
I love it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Hello M'Lady,

A soul like yours going to hell? I would doubt that could ever be, but it does seem that I could end up in a place like this. Watching the towels, undies, and blankets swirl...over and over and over....a fate worse than hell perhaps.



Posted 9 Years Ago

So very clever in it's comparison....a spiritual journey into one of the aspects of our lives that constitute hell on earth for us !! Yet there are 'heavenly aspects' as well...clean fresh clothes to keep us cool or warm...water freely available and flowing...a laundromat just around the corner !
Your depiction of the 'religious kind of hell' I would not want to encounter ever, a choice we can make while still on earth...just sayin' ~
I thoroughly enjoyed your picturesque 'hate of laundry', outstanding rhyming and flow !!

Posted 9 Years Ago

i like it! i love how you compare laudry and hell! it's sooo true!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love this real world. Been in plenty of them and your description does not lie! What a great write!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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