A Chapter by My Fair Lady

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I shall dive into my own darkness

To recover the light within

I shall fly a great many distances

Only to discover where my home truly is

And when I return

I shall bring back the light

From the knowledge of my journey

My haunting past shrouds me

In shades of midnight

And yet

I provide

warmth and comfort to those around me

As I fly

As I transform

As I laugh

As I cry

I become sleek and clever

More learned than yesterday

I bring it

Sweet gentle peace

To wash over not only myself

But my children

And my children’s children

Proud and matronly

Wild and Free

I am everything

And sometimes I am nothing

I see things

I change things

My power is within

And without

It comes from above

And below

A soul so free

It cannot be captured

Only freely given

© 2010 My Fair Lady

Author's Note

My Fair Lady
Journies of self discovery

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A powerful and beautiful poem.
"Proud and matronly
Wild and Free
I am everything"
I like the complete poem. Life is a fair journey. We receive back what we gave. A excellent poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

These lines struck at me the most:
And when I return

I shall bring back the light

From the knowledge of my journey

Im love this idea of shedding the light on knowledge i took that from the piece like trial and error....the more u discover about yourself the less mistakes you'll make for yourself just the humane ones we all need to learn from.

Posted 11 Years Ago

what a joyous proclamation

Posted 11 Years Ago

shed the past , spread your wings and Fly ~

Posted 11 Years Ago

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My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady

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A Chapter by My Fair Lady

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