People of The Sea

People of The Sea

A Screenplay by Mason

a first draft idea for a screen play. original idea by Amasa Mason Hartwell

Its about a group of humans that have live deep below the sea, in massive caves built into continental shelves. The caves have small, saltwater lakes in them, which flow into caverns that drain out into the deep ocean. This is how they are connected to the ocean, and how a team of deep-water cave explorers stumbled upon their civilization.


The explorers, a team of four marine biologists led by Benjamin Redrick were going to use drones to explore these caves that have the perfect conditions for life, but the high powered lights and cameras required for those drones to see in the caves would damage photocells in the oranism's eyes that live there. So they take a small submarine into the caverns where their communication systems are damaged by the magnetic field of their pyramid.


this pyramid is topped with solid gold, and acts as an artificial sun that illuminates their city every day, running in a natural cycle like on earth. it fulfills their engergy needs as well as growing their crops and trees and cycling their air and water. It can be used as a tool to shape stone into houses and buildings. They drink the cleanest and purest naturally occuring water on earth from underground streams, and eat sea creatures as well as crops


There is hundreds of these city states all over the world, Some the size of small towns, others with a populations in the millions. this one is just a small town among many, connected supposedly by vast underground tunnels the size of air hangars.


The humans used to be Homosapiens but have rapidly evolved in this isolation and are extremely intelligent, live for hundred of years and reproduce by choice while still having sex, so their population does not grow immensely. They have been living this way ever since they retreated from the ice age 12,000 years ago



© 2011 Mason

Author's Note

this isnt a story

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You should go for it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like the pitch. Sounds good...let me know when you write the screenplay...I'll read it for sure. I read an ancient account of a strange woman in China who drifted ashore...she spoke a language nobody there understood and carried a silver box that she wouldn't let anyone touch. They tried to get her to communicate with pictures. She seemed to explain that she was from a city deep in the ocean...she had been kicked out by the king....they locked her in a room in a royal palace. In the morning, she was gone. Your idea for the movie brought the account I read to mind. Really good ideas here man. Good luck with it, Cheers!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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