Dreams and Inspiration

Dreams and Inspiration

A Story by Jared braden

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Inspiration, the driving force behind us. What keeps us going in our darkest times. What pushes us beyond our limits and boundaries. The fire that burns deep within us and once started is rarely extinguished, but often over looked.
True inspiration is more than just finding a passion or what you love to do. It goes much deeper than that. It involves finding who you are. Finding your soul. Finding what defines you as a person. If those can't be found it is creating them.
When you can find these things they become a powerful force that can't be stopped. One that makes you strive for more, never being satisfied with what you have. Always knowing that tomorrow, you can be better than were are today. It begins to make you want to push your fictitious boundaries and limits. Continuing to push you to be the best you can be in whatever it is you do. Pushing you to be more loving, caring, or whatever it is that you seek to improve. Similar to physics this motion once started continues. The more effort you put into it the faster it will go. Guiding you through your difficulties and nudging you to take a shot with every new opportunity.
For those of you reading this who haven't found this sort of inspiration, I strongly encourage you to seek it. For once found this deep inspiration becomes a backbone to your life. No matter what hardships and troubles you may be facing. No matter how many loved ones you have lost. It will be the ladder for you to climb out of whatever hole you may have dug yourself into, and once out a stairway to the stars. Find it, no matter what it may take, and never lose it. For once found, it will continue to breathe new life and energy to you in every moment as long as it's kept in your thoughts. 
For all those going through dark times that seem to have no way out. Search in yourself for something that makes you want to strive. There is no dark that a little light can't shut out. No matter how many times you have been knocked down, or how hard, just remember that thing inside you. That spark to be better, to help more, or whatever else it may be. 
Keep your head up and keep moving forward

© 2013 Jared braden

Author's Note

Jared braden
Again not edited or revised, straight from my mind.

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Added on October 24, 2013
Last Updated on October 24, 2013


Jared braden
Jared braden

Payson, AZ

I'm 18 years old and currently reside in Arizona. Just recently I've been getting back into writing. I'm currently working to compile a book of poetry and do what I need to to get it published. I kind.. more..

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