Living The Ending

Living The Ending

A Poem by Jason Shadows

Another story passes by.

So complicated...the sight I see
from a far...within the distance.


May it seem to be a vision from a note
or a sign from another world lonely and lost.


In my head there is relief from all the incoming pain
yet the little turtles dance to the sound of soft white rain.


It can only be cold on the inside from this incredible view
I remember moments in the skyline as I used to fall and stumble.


The white rabbit following death along the snow covered fence
my eyes fade from  the fall and yet I run after them...trying to live again.


Living the ending I must hit the restart button for that rabbit may be me
fading from life there is away back before the reaper claims this lost soul.

(I Have)

The reach is so close...all I can feel is nothing in this clustered lightning effect
yet as I I'm not from the true monster that still reaches for my life.


My foot prints disappear from my sight as I turn and see my soul chasing its shell
tripping over the ledge and catch my self and return to the world where I can simply change.

                                     (The city lights up the night)
                                     (People walk by chattering)
                                     (Looking and smiling...Hold your soul)
                                     (Your voice is loud so live life a new)

© 2019 Jason Shadows

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sometimes it is so hard to come back from heartbreak's ridge...
from the edge of the cliff back to life...i have gone through divorces...and had to find new lights, new life, new breathing in of joy.
i relate to this and really like the poem within the poem...
what we have left is too precious to waste,

Posted 2 Years Ago

Jason Shadows

2 Years Ago

And the view from the cosmos lights up well from those who suffer within and it blooms so bright tha.. read more

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Added on April 8, 2019
Last Updated on April 8, 2019


Jason Shadows
Jason Shadows

I'm your shadow within the light., NC

"Welcome to a world of light and shadow. In my apocalyptic paradise there are creatures and ghosts of the past and lost trying to remember what was that can never be again within ruins. So grab you.. more..


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